• WCN Bitcoin Group #129 – Money Laundering, Rising Prices, Bitcoin ETF and Quasicoins

    February 17th from NYC: Another great episode of The Bitcoin Group, had 4 guests this time and we stayed on topic pretty well. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Banks Looking to Lower Money Laundering Regulation: To me this is not a positive for Bitcoin. The more draconian the laws on money the more Bitcoin will thrive in routing value. I also reference an old article I wrote called “When Banks Become Law Enforcers
    0:10:30 – Rising Prices and Bitcoin in Asia: I question the numbers out of Japan being the highest volume these days. I also explain that people need to be careful having Chinese exchanges hold their Bitcoin because the Government can pass a law to confiscate the bitcoin of foreigners for Money Laundering reasons.
    0:25:00 – Bitcoin ETF (yes again!): Main Stream Media continues to talk about the Bitcoin ETF, while I continue to explain how stupid the Bitcoin ETF is. Let’s once again go through the reasons:
    1. We have never had an ETF where the underlying can be hacked and the ETF will create a bigger a bigger honey Pot taking Bitcoin out of circulation.
    2. It will open the door to Shitcoin ETF’s starting with ETH & ETC, then Litecoin, Dash & so on all the way to OneCoin
    3. People always ask questions “what happens if there is an ETF and then Bitcoin has a Hard Fork?” well…. NO ONE KNOWS so that is why ETF should not pass
    I then go into the potential motivation of Winklevii wanting this ETF. For all the bitcoin they hold i’m disappointed in the small amount of evangelism they have done for bitcoin other than trying to centralize it.
    0:49:50 – Bank of Uganda Treats Bitcoin & OneCoin as the Same Thing: From the view of the Government, I have to agree.
    BONUS: At the end I talk about the price, I’m bullish to all time highs.

  • CryptoScam #6 – Ripple (w/ Peter Todd)

    In this 6th Episode of CryptoScam, I sit down with Peter Todd (a well known Developer and contributor to Bitcoin Core) to talk about Ripple. Peter Todd was a great guest as he did an investigation on Ripple in Early 2015. Now I understand that many things have changed since that time, but for many Ripple was a problematic token for a long time and we explain why.

    I did not have time to do a lot of research on Ripple and a lot of my time was spent on the the founder Jeb McCalab who was actually the original creator of Mt.Gox. The Ripple paper that Peter Write can be downloaded here:

    Special Thanks to Julia Tourianski for providing us with place to film the podcast and for the T-Shirts Peter and I were wearing. They are currently on sale.

    Also Available on iTunes:

  • The Dollar Vigilante – Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques

    This was my 4th interview with Jeff Berwick between Anarchast and Dollar Vigilante. In it we talked about Bitcoin’s Scaling issues of Bitcoin Unlimited vs Segwit and the upcoming Anarchapulco Conference where I will be teaching a two day seminar on trading. Here is the Interview and the Conference Promo Video:

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #128 – China Again -NATO Estonia, Japan, Poland and the $25,000 Bitcoin Due To ETF

    February 10th from NYC: We are finally joined by others and I finally got my Audio/Video straight :). Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – China Looking to Add KYC/AML and Frozen Bitcoin Withdrawals: This is not surprising to me. I have said a while ago that the regulation in China will get out of hand they will be looking to freeze/confiscate bitcoin of foreigners. For now it has not got that far but if you are not Chinese and you should really think about having your bitcoin there. In fact you should not have anyone holding your private keys. Since there are no laws on insider trading, I’m not surprised
    0:14:00 – Estonian Company Creating a Blockchain for NATO: This story is kind of silly and BraveNewCoin did a very bad job investigating this. First of all Gaurdtime is claiming to be a Blockchain company since 2007. They apparently have also built a Blockchain for Health Care and this claim needs to be investigated. If they are claiming it’s immutable, how is it being accomplished? Is it PoW? What is most likely is that they know what they are doing and just using the Buzzword Blockchain cause that’s what everyone wants.
    0:25:00 – Japan Crates a BitLicense and Polish Exchange Scams Users: I’m not surprised Japan is putting in crazy regulation as it is that kind of society and they are also over reacting to Mt. Gox. As for some Polish exchange running away with bitcoin, sorry for your loss and welcome to Bitcoin!
    0:37:00 – Winklevoss ETF: I once again talk about the stupidity of the Winkevii ETF. I do not think it will be approved, and I do not think it should be approved and here is why:
    1. Who is going to hold the private keys? This is a major issue and will create a giant honey pot of coins at risk of internal or external hackers.
    2. This opens the door for infinite number of Bitcoin ETF, not to mention immediate filing of Scam/Shit Coin ETF’s like Ethereum and OneCoin
    3. This also creates a major attack vector for a Government to confiscate the bitcoin underling the ETF under its jurisdiction.
    The Wall Street Journal also pointed out an interesting conflict of interest point:

    “I don’t believe there’s any ETF that trades in the U.S. where a single entity is the sponsor of the ETF, the provider of reference price for the underlying asset and the custodians of underlying asset, and that is what the Winklevosses are proposing,” says Mr. Bogart

    BONUS: I spend the last few minutes of the video talking about the price…. I’m Bullish

  • CryptoScam #5 – Augur (w/ Paul Sztorc)

    This should be the last episode with questionable Audio/Video as I now know what I am doing. In this episode Paul Sztorc and I discuss Augur. Augur is an attempt to create a decentralized prediction market that Paul has been writing about for a long time. It is pretty clear that they took his idea and added a speculative scam coin. Here is a link to Paul’s work exposing the Augur Scam which we discuss in this episode.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #127 – Gavin vs. The Core – No Privacy – Bitcoin $2000 – Litecoin SegWit

    February 3rd from NYC: For the second week in a row it is just Thomas and I. The new webcam is being utilized but I did not realize i’m not using the high end mic, hence the bad sound quality. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:00:30 – Gavin vs. Bitcoin Core:  I am very frustrated with Gavin, I no longer have much respect for him nor his programming skills. The most frustrating thing is that 6 months ago Big Blockers were complaining that Core is trying to take all the transaction OFF chain and the miners wont get payed and now they flipped it all around and blaming Core for making fees to high. Bitcoin Unlimited is a Cancer, if SegWit doesn’t pass I hope nothing will. On a more comic note, I’m glad the idiots running BU code lost 13+ BTC which one day might be worth millions of dollars. The Bitcoin Unlimited devs are even more incompetent than Ethereum Devs.
    0:09:30 – bitcoin Privacy Gets a Failing GradeThis is another frustrating story. Bitcoin is the best we have in terms of censorship resistance and fungibility but it’s not perfect. First we need SegWit, then we can start improving some of the other things.
    0:19:30 – Bitcoin to Rise to $2,000 on Trump/China: No one know the future economic outcomes of Trump/China decisions over the next few months. Speculating on the future between these countries economics is just dumb.
    0:28:30 – Litecoin Looking to Adopt SegWit: I hope SegWit gets adopted by Litecoin so we can see it work safely in a speculative environment. This should help Bitcoin people get their shit together and adopt SegWit. I do not see legitimacy in Bitcoin Unlimited as it’s an attempt to split bitcoin into two coins with a Hard Fork.
    BONUS: I spend the last few minutes of the video talking about the price…. I’m Bullish

  • CryptoScam #4 – Dash (w/ Fluffy Pony)

    This was a very controversial episode mostly because the Co-Host is the lead developer of Monero. Many people see Monero as a competitor of Dash but to me that don’t matter. We spend most of our time on the early days of Dash (XCoin/Darkcoin) and it’s very scammy instamine. Please look/listen and decide for yourself. Here are the main two articles discussed:
    1. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg13017231
    2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2zufu1/a_great_podcast_by_lets_talk_bitcoin_discussing/cpmvogy/?context=2

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #126 – Bitcoin Crackdown – Thank You China – Satoshi Who & The Wall

    January 27th from NYC: Back home for another episode though it was only me and Thomas, here is the TL;DR:
    0:00:30 – Interpol Bitcoin Crackdown: This is why you have to be careful about how you use bitcoin. Governments will attempt to stop bitcoin mixing but that is impossible technologically and will be just a waste of tax revenue. The biggest problem with the article mentioned is that they will also be focusing on Bitcoin Wallets and it looks like “unexpected wealth” is now a crime.
    0:16:30 – China Forces their Exchanges to Drop Leverage & Add Fees: I like the end result of this so far. I was quoted in CoinIdol asking for something like this. However, very soon the regulation is going to get out of hand as the regulation will get out of control. They now start to go after Mining operation and KYC/AML all value going in and out of exchanges. I also start to spread FUD that Bitcon of foreigners on Chinese Exchanges might be frozen and/or confiscated.
    0:29:00 – Who is Satoshi?: This is another Craig Wright story. I hate talking about this nonsense and I rip into Pete Rizzo for writing this garbage in Coindesk.
    0:39:30 – Will the Wall between US & Mexico be Good For Bitcoin: If Trump ‘Fucks’ with my Avocados, all hell will break loose. It is very possible that Bitcoin will greatly benefit of Trump goes after the remittance market.
    BONUS: I predict that the price will keep going up and $760 was the perfect buy point.

  • CryptoScam #3 – Litecoin (w/ Junseth)

    Here is the 3rd episode of the CryptoScam podcast. In this episode Junseth and I discuss Litecoin. I try to bring up use cases for Litecoin outside of speculation like being a viable testnet for SegWit (Segregated Witness) and a potential Lightning Network channel (LN). I also understand that in the long run, Litecoin is competing with Bitcoin for the same electricity so there probably isn’t much room for multiple PoW Blockchains. In the end I give Litecoin a 3-5% chance of long term survival which while being much higher than Junseth’s, is not an indication that I somehow think Litecoin is a good investment. Another way to look at what i’m saying is that if you hold Litecoin, there is a 95-97% chance it will be worth 0 in the near future.

  • CryptoScam #2 – OneCoin (w/ Dante)

    Here is the second episode of the new podcast CryptoScam where Dante and I talk about OneCoin. I fully understand that OneCoin is a Ponzi Scheme like Scam but what bothers me is that the Crypto Community is not able to see the similarity between it and most projects they like. In this episode I look to play devils advocate and to reason with the Crypto Community that they should look into the mirror first before dismissing OneCoin. Please check the video or soundcloud for references to any websites mentioned.

    Note: The video and audio will greatly improve in future episodes.