• Bitcoin News #22 – Bitfinex Hack – Coinbase Stuck with ETC – Mega Upload 2.0

     Aug 8th from Trailer in PA: This was my first time on this show but it was convenient as it replaced our usual Bitcoin Group which took a week off. Here is the TLDR:
    1. Bitfinex Hack – We discuss the details of what went when wrong and how it could have been avoided.
    2. Coinbase & ETC – Once again I get to be critical about Coinbase which is a disaster of a company for Bitcoiners. 
    3. Mega Uploads 2.0 but with the Bitcoin – I'm very skeptical of Kim Dot Com meeting the hype he is creating.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #103 – Ethereum Classic, Steem Ponzi, Bitcoin Money? Bigger Blocks?

     July 29th from NYC: This was one of our more popular episodes even though it was longer than usual. Here is the TLDR:
    1. Ethreum Classic – now that Ether has Hard Forked and we have two Ether's I provide the opinion of how they are both equally useless. I also criticize Barry Silbert for publicly stating he bought ETC as I saw the move as Irresponsible for someone in his position. 
    2.  Steem Ponzi – I had not had time to go beyond the 9 pages of the WP going into this rant so there were plenty of things I said that were factually incorrect. However, in reality, Steemit is actually much worse than I though it was now that i have finished the entire paper. (Article coming soon)
    3. Judge Ruling Bitcoin is NOT Money – This was an interesting and correct decision by the judge. It was also local and has no meaning Federally. Life would be very difficult for Bitcoiners if it actually becomes Money. The State is also Appealing the decision. 
    4. Blocksize Debate – I like Roger Ver but I still disagree with him on the need for bigger blocks right now. I understand his argument but still disagree. Also get critical of Brian Armstrong once again for trying to overthrow Reddit moderators + another support pledge for Blockstream. 

  • Ethereum, A Classic Tale of Two Chains w/ Chris Ellis

    July 25th from NYC: On this podcast, I join Chris Ellis in his discussion of the Ethereum Hard Fork, why they felt they had to do it and the investigative journalism he presents on the function of TheDAO. I add my criticism of Ethereum and how it was a scam from the start. Look for an article soon that presents that opinion in detail.


  • WCN Bitcoin Group #102 – Ether Hard Fork, Bitcoin Patents, Bankers Bitcoin, Steemit

     June 22nd from Trailer in PA: This was an episodes with lots of great topics, must watch, but here is the TLDR
    1. Ether Hard Fork – The discussion focused on the fact that Ether split into two chains. This is absolutely fascinating and I certainly support the principals Arvicco is standing up for. I do need to correct a few mistakes that I said (blaming the alcohol)
    a. I said I might be considering buying some ETC to support the cause. That was totally false & I did not actually consider it, both Ethereum chains are total Scams it’s just that one now ranks slightly higher on the scamemeter right now.
    b. I said that if your chain is not immutable it is not a Blockchain. That is also totally wrong. To be a blockchain (in my opinion by analyzing Satoshi’s first use of the world “block chain”) all you need is a competitive and open PoW algorithm that secures your chain with a consensus mechanism. The greater the security the closer you are to immutability. If you have the hashing power to reverse a transaction it does not stop it from being a Blockchian it just means it’s not secure and kind of useless for any projects utilizing or built on top of this blockchain.
    2.  Bitcoin Patents – It’s no secret that I have supported all things that evolve out of the Blockstream office. As much as i hate patents, intellectual property and copyright, if Blockstream is doing it I’m all for it (yes it’s a double standard).
    3. Bankers Bitcoin – This is a misleading headline. I’ve said it before and will again, banks don’t want bitcoin they want to eliminate all physical cash so they go from 95% digital fiat to 100% digital fiat. There is nothing Crypto about these statement from governments .
    4. Steemit – At this point I had read the first 9 of 44 pages of the White Paper and I was 100% sure it’s a total SCAM. I definitely made some errors in my statements as I have been educating myself on Steem every week & every week i see it as much worse then I though earlier. 
    5. Coinbase Helps Take Down KickAssTorents – Coinbase is once again proving that they are not a company any Bitcoiner should support. Please get your bitcoins out of Coinbase and try not to even make transactions with people that use Coinbase. They also make no money and will implode.

    BONUS: The “Mount Stupid” Graph was updated on July 19 where TheDAO was replaced with Steemit. Here is the Tweet: https://twitter.com/Tone_LLT/status/755568730193539072

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #101 – Steem Hacked, Ethereum Hard Fork, Bitcoin vs. PayPal

     July 16th from Lake George NY: This was my last public appearance under the BraveNewCoin (BNC) logo, my opinions have become way too controversial even though they have always been my own. This was also the day my battle against Steemit started… here is the TLDR:
    1. Steemit – I had only a little bit time to look into Steemit, I did not know much about it when we filed and even though i was ignorant on what it was and made some wrong statements I stand by everything that was said as i still consider it 90% correct writing this almost 2 months later. Later videos will have me explain how steemit is a much bigger SCAM than i originally though it was.
    2.  Ethereum HF – With the Hard Fork being implement over the few days following this podcast, I refer to the outcome as a “Complete Shit-show”. I also refer to it as a Bitcoin TestNet to show bitcoiners why HF are dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. Keep in mind that was before there was any talk of Ethereum Classic chain being maintained.
    3. Bitcoin vs. PayPal – The audio was a little bad on my side but this was a topic i really liked. It’s great to see companies using bitcoin because they have to, not because they just want to. More companies who’s business model is privacy should adopt these policies.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #100 – The Halvening – Vogogo Closes – Uber Bitcoin

     July 8th from Ukraine: This was a historic 100th episode of “The Bitcoin Group” and we are happy to bring back old guests like Andreas for this show. Here is the TLDR:
    1. The Halvening – It is finally happen the weekend this show aired so we no longer have to discuss it. My answer has not changed from the previous 3-4 shows (or from November of 2015).
    2. Vogogo Closes – I have not heard of Vogogo prior to this taping but like all other Bitcoin payment processors they are just not very useful nor profitable. Please review my article “http://www.libertylifetrail.com/2016/04/04/the-top-use-cases-for-bitcoin/” to learn more. 
    3. Uber Bitcoin – This was not a case of Uber doing anything, people with Zapo cards are using them on Uber cause their currency sucks. This makes me nervous for Zapo and their relationship with Visa. I also debate Andreas over the goodness/evil that is Uber.
    NOTE: Unfortunately I lost signal at the end of topic 3 and was not there for the last 40 min of the show. 


  • WCN Bitcoin Group #99 – DAO DOS Fork – HashOcean Hacked – Winklevii ETF goes BATS

     July1 from Thailand: This was a shorter episode than usual, here is the TLDR:
    1. ETH Dos problems coding the Fork – I once again explain how trying to fix TheDAO hack problem is even dumber than creating TheDAO in the first place. Also once again explain why “Turing Complete Decentralized Smart Contracts” are stupid as oppose to just “Smart Contracts” which I find interesting and innovative.
    2. HashOcean Hacked – All Cloud Mining Operations are dumb for you to invest in and most are scams to begin with. Those that are not yet scams will be once they realize they can’t pay people back. The operators will then have a choice between Running away to China with your money (like Big Vern of Cryptsy), Running a Ponzi for as long as they can (like OneCoin is doing right now) or admitting all your money was lost/hacked (like Mark Karpeles did). 
    3. Winklevii ETF – Going to BATS does not make much a difference as their biggest problem is SEC approval the chances of which are between 0-1% over the next 5 years. Reasons on why are in the video. 
    BONUS: My predicton of the week was that the hacker will be able to keep the Ethereum (kind of came ture haha)

  • Guest on – LTB Live: TheDAO, ETH, Soft-Fork, DoS and what’s next

    From Thailand on July 29th: This was my first appearance on Let's Talk Bitcoin and unfortunately I did not enjoy it. I'm not sure if I should have been a guest due to the topic's nature but here is the TLDR from my perspective:
    The topic was how to fix TheDAO hack and what is the future of this movement. The discussion had Prof Emin Gun Sire who I honestly do not view as a positive influence in the movement. The discussion was a bit more technical than my expertise to contribute but I have problems with the assumptions to the problems.  I think that people should be questioning the need for Ethereum, Decentralized Smart Contracts, Turing Complete Smart Contracts & the combination of the two (aka Turing Complete Decentralized Smart Contracts like TheDAO was). Only Stephanie Murphy brought up these concerns and she was ignored. After that the topic should be to figure out who should be held liable for the disaster that is TheDAO (especially programatically). These are way more important topics than working on a HF which some of us knew would end in a bigger disaster than the original DAO hack. My part starts at around 49 minutes in and my connection was lost with about 30 min left.


  • WCN Bitcoin Group #98 – DAO White Hat Hack – BitFinex Crash – Brexit

     June 24th from Thailand: Here is the TLDR on the topics
    1. DAO White Hat Hack: Here I discuss how and why “Turing Complete Smart Contracts” are Stupid. Also talk about how this move is collusion on the part of Ethereum Foundation & everyone involved should be held liable from the Creators of TheDAO to those doing the White Hack. This is the formation of Gov’t within Ethereum.
    NOTE: In hindsight, the Ether in that White Hat Hacked DAO was later proven to have been used to dump ETC on exchanges to crash the price of the original chain that hey disliked:  Ethereum: Chain of Liars & Thieves by WhalePanda
    2.  BitFinex Crash: I state the following “I don’t trade Bitcoin cause it’s too dependent on Leveraged Amateur Exchanges” and that is exactly what Bitfinex is. I also talk about differences between Exchanges in Brokers and how this separation does not exist in Crypto. Also mention Blockstream’s Liquid Project.
    NOTE: Bitfinex was hacked 1 month after my criticism of the exchange for $75 Million
    3.  Brexit: People are reading too much into the connection of Bitcoin Price and Brexit Vote. Also talk about many of the problems with EU


    BONUS: Watch is awesome video of Bruce Wanker describing how he hacked TheDAO

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #97 – DAO Hacked – Bitcoin Soars – CanadaCoin

    June 17 from Vietnam: Just like Episode #95 where I predicted TheDAO fall this episode is a much listen as I explain why was right 3 weeks ago. Here is the TLDR on the topics:
    1. TheDAO Gets Hacked for $50 Million: Cornell Prof Emin Gun Sire joins the show to explain TheDAO and I disagree with him on EVERYTHING he says. I just don't understand the efficiency provide by "Turing Complete & Decentralized Smart Contracts". I mostly feel bad for the students at Cornell studying the topic of Blockchain & Decentralized systems from Professors like that. 
    2. Bitcoin Price Goes Higher: Same answer as Ep #96, speculation and miner rationing will cause price to go up into Halvining & then a drop right after on unmet expectations of Euphoria.
    3. CanadaCoin: This is a recurring story with every country. Every major country wants to eliminate paper cash to go fully digital vs 98% digital as they are today. I state the reasons for this in the video but this has nothing to do with decentralized crypto currency as the plan for these governments is to increase KYC/AML with this initiative while something like bitcoin disrupts that goal. 
    Bonus: Brexit will help Bitcoin a little cause EUR will sink faster.