• WCN Bitcoin Group #123 – Bitcoin Rises & Falls, Exchanges Unavailable, and Blockchain Blockchain

    January 6th from NYC: As usual, we have another great episode with diverse guest and valued opinions. Here is the TLDR:
    00:45 – Bitcoin Price: The price has gone up from $750 to $1150 in 3 weeks and crashed down to $850 over the last two days. We discuss this topic along with factors like China Currency Manipulation and Fake Volume on Chinese Exchanges.
    23:30 – Exchanges Unavailable: Coinbase’s downtime was the focus of this section but we also discussed other Tweets by Brian Armstrong like the one where he has started supporting SegWit & also asking the twitter community as to which Alt-Coin should be added to the Exchange.
    50:00 – Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain: Goldman Sachs’s latest CES commercial shows that they have no idea that PoW is the real innovation here, I try to explain. Also talk about the crazy Wired Article highlighting Even Olaf Carlson-Wee’s investment fund Polychain with Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. This is one of the stupider ideas and is almost identical to TheDAO without the incompetent programmers part (unless they plan to create a Turing complete token)

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #122 – The 2016 Bitcoin Group Year in Review Spectacular

    December 30th from NYC: This was my first appearance on the Year End Review show and it was great. Hard choices needed to be made and this is a must watch. In addition I only focused on Bitcoin and tried not to mention any alts or non-PoW ‘Blockchains’. Here is the TLDR on my winners/losers but a must watch for the explanations and other good picks by members of the show:
    Biggest Winner: UnoCoin
    Biggest Loser: Mike Hearn
    Most Defining Moment: War on Cash
    Best Bitcoin Company: BitFury
    Worst Bitcoin Company: Chainalysis & Elliptic (Since Coinbase was already said)
    Biggest Surprise: Roger Ver
    Best Comeback: CEO & CTO of Paxful + CEO of Backpage
    Enough, Already: “Your Crypto is Better than Bitcoin”
    Bitcoiner of the Year: Adam Back (and all Other Blockstream/Core Devs around him)
    Honorable Mention: The Politically Incorrect (Bitcoin Uncensored Podcast, Cam Girls, Other Real Users)
    BONUS: Twitter Feeds I enjoy the most – @WhalePanda @TuurDemeester

  • Another Steemit Debate and My AMA on Steem

    Once again I can’t seem to leave this scam alone as it continues to bother me how they sucker in more victims. The first audio file took place on Dec 16th, 2016 in the WhalePool TeamSpeak. I did not plan to have this debate, and in fact I do not want anything to do with the Scammers Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, but they were there so we went at it. The audio is bad as the two of them were sharing a computer and there wasn’t any official moderation even though the WhalePool guys were trying. The medium for this chat was also totally new to me so I had no idea what would happen if one person talks over the other (which is what was happening and i’m probably at fault for a lot of that). Have a listen and you be the judge of how much of a scam Steemit really is. Especially the part where they admit to controlling 55% of the PoS system and ease with which they were able to change economic incentives to use the platform and still have the balls to call it a Blockchain. I have covered Steemit extensively on this blog before. If the Embeded SoundCloud does not play, click here:

    A week following the Debate with Dan & Ned, I was asked to do an AMA on Steemit, I was not going to crate a login so instead Adam Meister joins me for a video version of the AMA where live viewers get to ask me any Steemit Questions they like. I go into the details of why I dislike Dan Larimer so much, how the Steem price has only one direction DOWN and most importantly I compare & contrast Steemit to OneCoin to bring the point home of them being the same thing.

  • Bitcoin News #31 – Bitcoin Rally, Fed Rate Hike, Bitcoin in 2017

    December 19th from NYC: This turned out to be an excellent episode. A lot of the conversation revolved around General Economics as much as Bitcoin. Here is the TLDR:
    1:05 – Bitcoin Rally: We talk bitcoin price and the news that it is once again the best performing asset. The price was around $780 at time of recording and I show charts where I’m expecting a swift rally to all time highs of over $1000. I also talk about how India and Venezuela are not having that much of a direct affect on the price rise but them being in the news and richer countries taking notice is a reason for some of this rise.
    32:20 – Fed Rate Hike: We get into a long economic discussion about the Rate Hike. I do not think it has any affect on Bitcoin and very little affect on the overall economy. The Fed is like a dog chasing its tail. The market has already decided that rates need to be higher hence yields on Gov’t bonds already went up, so the Fed needs to keep up. On the flip side, one of the reasons why the rates whent up is of course due to the expectation that the Fed will raise rates hence we are back to a circular self fulfilling prophecy. I also discuss how the rise in rates should not affect stocks. We also get into the history of the Federal Reserve and I take the side that the original reason for its creation was not as conspiratorial as many think in relation to Jakyl Island. It also had a lot to do with the the 1906 San Fran Earthquake. For more on this topic please see the links in the following post from about a year ago. At the end I talk about why i’m looking for a 2-3x increase in stocks over rest of the decade.
    1:13:15 – Predictions for 2017: I am very optimistic on the price of Bitcoin into August 2017. I would like to see Netfix offer an ala-cart service via Bitcoin. I’m also not looking forward to the ETF and i also talk about why i think ICO’s will start go away and regulators will bring the hammer. I also see Bitcoin dominate the market of crypto and get back to 95% of total MCap.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #121 – Coinbase Lawsuit – Open Bazaar $3M – War on Cash – Venezuela

    December 16th from NYC: Another good episode with great topics, here is the TLDR:
    1. Coinbase Lawsuit – The guy suing the IRS is not that interesting but the class action lawsuit against Coinbase for assisting Big Vern of Cryptsy to get out millions before running away to China is fascinating. What is even more interesting is that the recent changes at Coinbase are making it more and more like Cryptsy with all those altcoins.
    2. Open Bazaar Funded – I do not have all that much of an opinion on Open Bazaar. I do not consider them a scam since they did not tokenize (yet) but i’m also not sure why someone would use them when there are more convenient options everywhere.
    3. War on Cash – more countries are planning on eliminating large denomination notes. This time the focus is on Australia. I have discussed this concept many times and have an article on it from the old CoinTelegraph days called When Banks Become Law Enforcers. The reason to eliminate cash is 3 fold:

    A. It allows the government to set any monetary policy they like without any consequences other than long term economic imbalance (aka Negative Interest Rates)
    B. It eliminates the possibility of a Bank Run and those long cues in front of ATM machines and banks as there is no physical cash to withdraw.
    C. It enforces taxation as the Government already sees every citizen as a tax dodger. They think that it is the cash users that have prevent governments from creating a utopia.

    The elimination of cash is the greatest thing that can ever happen to bitcoin.
    4. Venezuela Pt. II – For the second week in a row we talk about the specific economic issue in Venezuela where they have taken a page from Inida’s play book and eliminated their largest bill (100 Bolivar Note). The Gov’t claims that they are replacing it with a 20,000 note but no one has yet seen one.

  • Blockchain for Music Industry at RightsTech Summit

    From NYC July 29th, 2016: This even took place 6 months ago but I just ran across the video on the web now. On this panel I was actually a back up replacing one of the Steemit founders which was good for the audience as it looks like i’m the person to once again explain what a Blockchain is and when it may be of use. I explain how the only benefits of the Blockchain to the Digital Rights industry would be if they indented to make bearer instruments out of the music, otherwise they just need to come together and work on a database solution to solve their problems of ownership and royalties.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #120 – Circle No Bitcoin – Distributed Ledger Tech – ZCrash Continues – VC Hacked

     From NYC on Dec 9th: This was a great episode because I got to speak for an extra long time due to no other guests :). The topics were important. I look back into my early days of blogging with my very first articles about IRS and the mentality of Jeramie Allair which I never liked from day one. Here is the TLDR
    1. Circle Drops Bitcoin: Circle never appreciated bitcoin for what it was so this move should not be a surprise. They are saying they will continue to use Bitcoin on the back end as a settlement system which I think is not going to last for very long.
    2. DLT’s: The Fed has come out with a paper on DLT’s and it looks like they are starting to understand between the Bitcoin Blockchain and a Google Docs Blockchain. I also liked how they clearly consider TheDAO a VC fund while the community was constantly told by TheDAO architects that they are not a VC Fund.
    3. VC Fund Created to Invest in ICO Scams: I still think this might be an April Fools joke and the article got printed a little early.
    4. ZCash: I do not understand the economics of ZCash would ever create a rice in the price. What made bitcoin successful is that by the time the world found out, 50% was already in circulation and fairly distributed without a pre-mine… That kind of organic economic system is just not replicatable.
    5. VC Hacked: The details behind the Augur token hack seem strange to me and the dots are not connecting. It is also hard talking about it because I know Rep tokens are useless and unnecessary.

  • Bitcoin News #30 – Ethereum Price Drop – R3’s Corda – BitLendingClub Shutdown

     From NYC Dec 5th: This was a good episode where we dive deep into discussion on the following topics:
    1. Ethereum Price Drop: The price $ETH was down big and I expect this trend to contour into the future (immediate and long term)
    2. R3’s Corda: It should be clear that R3CEV is getting out of the Blockchain space and removing all mentions of the world. About time
    3. BitLendingClub: I am not sure how lending of a bearer asset is a good idea at point in time. I also question how landing can be done all that well without credit.