• Guest on – LTB Live: TheDAO, ETH, Soft-Fork, DoS and what’s next

     From Thailand on July 29th: This was my first appearance on Let’s Talk Bitcoin and unfortunately I did not enjoy it. I’m not sure if I should have been a guest due to the topic’s nature but here is the TLDR from my perspective:
    The topic was how to fix TheDAO hack and what is the future of this movement. The discussion had Prof Emin Gun Sire who I honestly do not view as a positive influence in the movement. The discussion was a bit more technical than my expertise to contribute but I have problems with the assumptions to the problems.  I think that people should be questioning the need for Ethereum, Decentralized Smart Contracts, Turing Complete Smart Contracts & the combination of the two (aka Turing Complete Decentralized Smart Contracts like TheDAO was). Only Stephanie Murphy brought up these concerns and she was ignored. After that the topic should be to figure out who should be held liable for the disaster that is TheDAO (especially programatically). These are way more important topics than working on a HF which some of us knew would end in a bigger disaster than the original DAO hack. My part starts at around 49 minutes in and my connection was lost with about 30 min left.


  • WCN Bitcoin Group #98 – DAO White Hat Hack – BitFinex Crash – Brexit

     June 24th from Thailand: Here is the TLDR on the topics
    1. DAO White Hat Hack: Here I discuss how and why “Turing Complete Smart Contracts” are Stupid. Also talk about how this move is collusion on the part of Ethereum Foundation & everyone involved should be held liable from the Creators of TheDAO to those doing the White Hack. This is the formation of Gov’t within Ethereum.
    NOTE: In hindsight, the Ether in that White Hat Hacked DAO was later proven to have been used to dump ETC on exchanges to crash the price of the original chain that hey disliked:  Ethereum: Chain of Liars & Thieves by WhalePanda
    2.  BitFinex Crash: I state the following “I don’t trade Bitcoin cause it’s too dependent on Leveraged Amateur Exchanges” and that is exactly what Bitfinex is. I also talk about differences between Exchanges in Brokers and how this separation does not exist in Crypto. Also mention Blockstream’s Liquid Project.
    NOTE: Bitfinex was hacked 1 month after my criticism of the exchange for $75 Million
    3.  Brexit: People are reading too much into the connection of Bitcoin Price and Brexit Vote. Also talk about many of the problems with EU


    BONUS: Watch is awesome video of Bruce Wanker describing how he hacked TheDAO

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #97 – DAO Hacked – Bitcoin Soars – CanadaCoin

    June 17 from Vietnam: Just like Episode #95 where I predicted TheDAO fall this episode is a much listen as I explain why was right 3 weeks ago. Here is the TLDR on the topics:
    1. TheDAO Gets Hacked for $50 Million: Cornell Prof Emin Gun Sire joins the show to explain TheDAO and I disagree with him on EVERYTHING he says. I just don't understand the efficiency provide by "Turing Complete & Decentralized Smart Contracts". I mostly feel bad for the students at Cornell studying the topic of Blockchain & Decentralized systems from Professors like that. 
    2. Bitcoin Price Goes Higher: Same answer as Ep #96, speculation and miner rationing will cause price to go up into Halvining & then a drop right after on unmet expectations of Euphoria.
    3. CanadaCoin: This is a recurring story with every country. Every major country wants to eliminate paper cash to go fully digital vs 98% digital as they are today. I state the reasons for this in the video but this has nothing to do with decentralized crypto currency as the plan for these governments is to increase KYC/AML with this initiative while something like bitcoin disrupts that goal. 
    Bonus: Brexit will help Bitcoin a little cause EUR will sink faster. 


  • WCN Bitcoin Group #96 – Bitcoin $500 – PayPal Turkey – Gambling

    This episode was not as controversial as usual but here is the TLDR on the topics:
    1. Bitcoin Price up to $500: This was filmed June 9 so a full months before the reward gets cut in half from 25 btc per block to 12.5. I repeated what I have been saying since Dec 2015. Leading into the event the price will go up due to speculation trading and miners rationing the sale of coins to have smooth operation then after. After the event in July you will see a dip in price due to miners selling more than 12.5 btc per block.
    2. Turkey Shuts Down PayPal: I said this was not all that relevant as Turkey has a religious problem that needs to be overcome first. Got a lot of heat for it in the comments but a month later there was an attempt at a military coup due to Religious disagreements.
    3. A New Bitcoin Gambling Site: My advice was not to trust any 3rd parties with your private keys so this new site needs legit escrow though the idea of these sites moving to bitcoin is awesome. Once traditional trusted sites move in that direction the new ones will go away.
    Bonus: The best part is at the very end around the 45:30 mark where I “Doubled Down” on my prediction from the previous show that TheDAO implosion is imminent. This was about 8 days before the hack took place, at the height of the euphoria & $150 Million worth of Ether already invested.

  • Freedoms Phoenix June 2016 – Liberty Camp (Ukraine)

     This was my first time at such an event. It was very interesting visiting Ukraine and spending 3+ days introducing students to Free Market Economics, Entrepreneurship and of Course Crypto Currencies. Here is a recap of the event, the Audio and Video might not have been working too well the first 15 minutes but after that we resolve the Bandwidth issues.
    Here is my profile on Freedom’s Phoenix to see all prior appearances


    2016-06-07 Hour 3 Glenn Cripe from Odessa, Ukraine from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #95 – The DAO – Blockchain Thunder – LinkedIn

    These posts are way over due and even though this podcast took place 3 months ago (May 21st, 2016) there is still plenty of discussions about TheDAO going on today. In the podcast below you can see how the implosion of the TheDAO was very easy to predict almost 1 month in advance. Perhaps the best part however, were all the comments calling me stupid and that I need to read the white paper. You will need to go to YouTube to see those.

    Also keep in mind that very few people in the Crypto Space took a hard line stance against TheDAO, a few were skeptical but they hedged their statements with things like “Yes there might be issues but it could turn out to be the future of funding projects.” Many of those people are still in denial and are looking to launch TheDAO 2.0. I’m certain it will be discussed on the podcast upon its launch.


    This was also the same week the following chart was updated to indicate where TheDAO is on a personalized blockchian knowledge scale. This was Tweeted May 20th: https://twitter.com/Tone_LLT/status/733726391775170560