WCN Bitcoin Group #133 – Bitcoin Fork? – Altcoin Madness – VC ICO – Bitcoin Users Doubles

Mar 17th from NYC: Another show dominated by the Bitcoin Scaling Debate. It looks like this will be a perpetual issue we will deal with for a long time. Here is the TL;DR
0:01:00 – Bitcoin Exchange Make Their Views Clear on Fork Event: It’s nice to see exchanges ban together to align themselves again the Bitcoin Unlimited altcoin. I also go off on all the FUN around Blockstream between them being financed by bankers to them not holding their capital in Bitcoin. I also speculate that Miners want the high fees and that is the reason for them not wanting SegWit. We know know that was incorrect as they were using BU as a cover to continue their ASICBoost advantage.
0:41:00 – Altcoins Madness (aka Bubble Forming): “This Altcoin Bubble is Going to Pop” at the 47 min mark. I also say that Litecoin is the only token worthy of a pump and it’s not pumping. I talk in detail about the Dash Scam and badly it’s going to end.
1:06:00 – Brock Pierce’s Blockchain Capital Issues ICO: I spoke positively about this initiative but that is because I was not informed that it was going to be underlined by Ethereum. This is a big problem because Ethereum is vaporware and can’t possibly be stable. It will certainly fork again when it’s time to go PoS. I like the idea of allowing people to invest in Blockchain Capital with a small amount of value and then be able to sell that share on the open market, But there has to be a better way execute the plan than Ethereum.
1:36:00 – Bitcoin User Base is Doubling every Year: I don’t like these statistics because Internet connectivity across the world is spotty. Bitcoin is also not ready yet for mass adoption, we have been dealing with Scaling Issues for 2 years.
1:47:00 – BONUS: I talk about price and being generally Bullish but a pull back is very possible.

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