Bitcoin Uncensored Ep 62 – “All My Herpes and Dreams”

I Co-Host an episode of Bitcoin Uncensored with Chris DeRose for the second time. This show is a little different so enjoy:

Christoffer De Geer writing a kickass blockchain book. Coindesk and Forbes updates. I am not your lawyer!

bitcoin etf fail. Price support… weirdly high.

BU begining the fail. Updates on the Factom Scam.

Ethereum is a full on pump. Vitalik looking Gaunt, and vlad… having doubts.

Melon token scam – Fantastic! Check out their 3 million dollar four page ‘green paper’…r/melonprotocol.pdf

Farts on dating. Meltdem farts on Allison Jennings of filament.

And liberty? Yeah, might be a scam. Sorry about that.

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