WCN Bitcoin Group #135 – Bitcoin Price Recovery? – India – Japan – Democracy Panacea

March 31st from NYC: Another great episode where I call the end of Bitcoin Unlimited threat. Here is the TL:DR
0:01:00 – Bitcoin Price Recovery – After falling to $888 we’re back to 1075 within a week. I talk about why we have turned the corner and it should only be up from here. I had $915 as the perfect buy target so if anyone took that price they did well. I have raised the target to $1175 short term. I also talk about the crazy slide show Roger Ver put on for Adam Back and Charlie Lee
0:14:00 – Bitcoin in India – I give a shout out to UnoCoin and also talk about how it will be hard for Governments to decide what is or isn’t a Ponzi.
0:26:00 – Japan Passes Bitcoin Laws – Japanese will end up over-regulating Bitcoin because Mt. Gox happened on their watch. “Countries are now more interested in identifying the consumer than protecting the consumer, so whichever country starts protecting the consumer without identifying their consumer will win economically”
0:35:00 – Blockchain for Voting – It may be possible that one day voting will take place on the Blockhain but we are probably over a decade away. For this particular case, it’s two people who know nothing but are here to fix all of Bitcoin’s problems. They have created an altcoin to vote for bitcoin’s changes… just Crazy!!!
0:50:00 – BONUS – Multiple Stories of the Week
1. Blythe Masters has moved her non-Blockchain company from Financial Services to Healthcare – Told You So #1
2. Dan Larimer has left Steemit to the Community and will be moving on to his next SCAM – Told You So #2
3. Retraction on my comments about the Blockchain Capital Token from a few weeks earlier – My BAD!!!

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