WCN Bitcoin Group #146 – UAHF – Price Tumbles – Coinbase Freeze – Dennis Rodman

June 16th, 2017 from NYC: It good having John Light on the show, he might be one of the most confident people in the space that we will have SegWit on Aug 1st without any trouble. Here is the TL:DR:
0:01:00 – UAHF Announced by Bitmain: In my view, what Bitmain announced is crazy. The only bright side coming out of it is that SegWit2x will now try to be compatible with BIP141 and attempt to avoid things on Aug 1st. It is pretty clear Bitmain is causing all of this trouble. I talk about the Game Theory involved between these Industry players Signaling SegWit2x vs actually running the Code.
0:36:00 – Bitcoin Price Tumbles Most in Two Years: The price crashed on Bitmain’s news but I believe we have bounced and should start to go back up.
0:46:00 – Coinbase Disables Account of Ross Ulbricht Legal Campaign: I am not surprised at all that Coinbase has done something else unreasonably dumb.
0:57:00 – Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea: This came up only because before Rodman went out to NK, he did some promos wearing a PodCoin Shirt. To be honest, I don’t really care much about this story.
BONUS: My story of the week is the recent introduction to pass a bill that declares War on Cash/Bitcoin.

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