WCN Bitcoin Group #147 – Segwit2X – ETH Flash Crash – Status & Civic – Coinbase & Cryptsy

June 23rd from NYC: The SegWit2x code is on the verge of release and the discussions are serious. Theo was a little tipsy but being late night in Germany let’s give him a break. Here is the TL;DR
0:01:00 – SegWit2x: With SegWit2x Beta about to come out, we already have over 80% of miners signaling for this mess. But we still have lots of issues, SegWit2x is totally untested and potentially dangerous. So you have to be crazy to run that code even if it’s for a short time to get SegWit and then switch back. The only way to get out of this mess to either immediately run BIP141 to lock in SegWit with 95% consensus, or get core devs to apply BIP91 with 80% consensus to get SegWit before Aug 1st. There is a possibility of running SegWit2x for a month and then switch back but do you really want to risk the future of the Bitcoin Network on this untested piece of junk. We will soon find out.
0:16:00 – Ethereum Flash Crashed to 10 Cents After a $30M Market Sell Order: This was a crazy event and it continues to Show how amateurish the crypto exchanges are. The fault here is clearly with GDAX for screwing this up.
0:54:30 – Latest ICO’s are Breaking the Ethereum Blockchain: This is just starting, Ethereum cannot technologically scale and i’m not surprised all these new projects are breaking Ethereum’s back. The Civic ICO is not different. I go on a minor rant about how bad Ethereum is.
1:14:00 – Coinbase Appeals Decision in Cryptsy Case: I had to run and was not there for this story.

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