WCN Bitcoin Group #148 – Who Controls Bitcoin? – Vitalik is Not Dead – Mark Cuban Hypocrite?

June 30th from NYC: The first topic here is a must. Here is the TL;DR
0:01:00 – SegWit2x Beta Is Released: I strongly encourage everyone to watch the recent interview with Eric Lombrozo where he explains the situation perfectly. The miners were allowed the privilege of smoothly activation SegWit which Core Dev’s though was not controversial, but instead this has turned in a clown voting show. UASF will activate and any Miner that does not get on board will feel the financial loss of that poor choice. SegWit2x is nonsense as explained by Luke Dash Jr. and no responsible company should even consider running this garbage. Nothing good can come from running SegWit2x it is a way to disrespect the Core Developers and tell them that they are no longer needed. This can cause a long term confidence loss in the entire crypto space.
0:38:00 – Vitalik of Ethereum is NOT Dead: This was a silly fake news article. There are several problems here however. One of them is that you should not have a leader that could be used for this kind of a hoax. Also Vitalik tweeting out a picture with the latest Block Hash is not a use case for a Blockchain which makes me question his knowledge of Blockchains. Blake and I also explain the concept of a Bus Test in traditional industries.
0:51:00 – Mark Cuban Hypocrite: I take a some big shots at Mark Cuban. First he falsely believe that Bitcoin’s 2x rise this year is a bubble yet Ethereum’s 20x rise not since he is about to do a Scam ICO on it. I also trolled him on twitter of that. Mark is NOT an expert at what a Blockchain is and he really needs to start getting some better advice.

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