Freedom Phoenix Aug 2017 – Tone Vays Discusses Who Won The Bitcoin Fork with Ernest Hancock

Recorded 8/30/17: Tone Vays appears on the Ernest Hancock show in hour three to discuss “who won the Bitcoin fork.” Roger Ver talks about his perspective on the hard fork in hour one along with Davi Barker. Tone Vays follows up in hour three and rebuts his side of the hard fork controversy.  Most people know Tone and Roger do not agree on this subject. Ernest also talks with Stan Larimer, Dylan Howard, Michael Taggert and from Bitshares in hour two.


2017-08-30 Hour 3 Tone Vays, Davi Barker

2017-08-30 Hour 3 Tone Vays, Davi Barker from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

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