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TradingView is a really great product and first to professionally chart Bitcoin. I have been using them since my very first CoinTelegram article on technical analysis. Thanks to Trading View I have been able to Implement a Custom version of TD Code which is an excellent way of timing the markets. For more on how to get access to these indicators please see  Consulting Section of this website. I am working on having them provide a discount type Referral, but please use this link to try for 30 days. (NOTE: I have the Pro Account)

BitMex was the first exchange I traded on in the CryptoSpace (was a Beta Tester), I even wrote about it in the old day. It’s one of the few exchanges that I trust to not steal your Bitcoin. By using the Referral Code, you will save 10% on your commissions for first 6 months. NOTE: If  you are US Based, you will need a VPN (see below)

TorGuard is a very Bitcoin friendly VPN which is ranked in the Top 10 my most global rankings. They were the 1st to  implement a Lightning Payment Node.
Be sure to go through this link to sign up & use Code: tone50 for a 50% Discount

Everyone should know by now how much I love the BuyTheDip Brand. Barbie has done an amazing job & I can’t wait to help put this brand on cooler & cooler gear. As an occasional sponsor of my events, you might get some exclusive apparel by attending Seminars :). Buy Gear Here

One of the best ways to secure your Bitcoins is with a Hardware Wallet. CryptoHWWallet has been one of the most popular and trusted with endorsements from Trezor & Ledger CEO’s. They are so popular that the company has not been able to keep up with demand and are usually sold out. This link should provide a little discount for those interested.
NOTE: As an occasional sponsor of my Seminars, there might be some giveaway for attendees :).

The Cryptomatic is a one of a kind time piece of of a True Bitcoin Maximalist. It has been the only purchase that I did not regret spending Bitcoin on. and in True Maximalist fashion, the only currency accepted for this amazing gift is Bitcoin. Please Enjoy the Discount by using TONE at checkout.

1Broker is an anonymous exchange that let’s you trade traditional assets using Bitcoin. It works like a Contract For Difference (CFD) where you exchange bitcoin based on changes in the underlying asset. Sign Up Here
NOTE: Letting someone hold your Bitcoin is NOT a good idea, use at your own risk.

Magic Money is Documentary I was in in 2017 (filmed 2016). It is great for beginners to understand Bitcoin. It is free on Amazon Prime but for those looking to watch it on Vimeo please use the Following Discount Code: TONE

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