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It’s definitely recommended (though not necessary) to understand the original vision.  I strongly advise everyone to read the original 2008 White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.  You can download it at: http://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf or for those who prefer to listen instead, Stefan Molyneux did a great job of narrating it here.

Here is a an interview from Aug 2011.  If only we had listened…

So what makes it so special

There are now more interviews and video’s out there than what a person can reasonably watch, but the Joe Rogan Experience #446 with Andreas Antonopoulos (Jan 2014) was one of the best in depth interviews. (Starts at 10:45)

James D’Angelo has an excellent educational series called Bitcoin 101 Blackboard.  One video in particular is a must watch mostly because no one else is mentioning the fact that many exponential growth curves are normal and just level off:

Another great set of videos that show some highlights of Bitcoin:
The Truth About Bitcoin Sep 2013 (Basics)
The True Value of Bitcoin Nov 2013 (Advanced Features)

 Choosing a Digital Wallet

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