The Tone Vays Consulting Service:

Due to popular demand, I am no longer able to answer everyone’s questions so for the time being, the consulting rate is 0.1 btc/hr and is done over skype due to ability to screen share simply. Please email me at for my SkypeID.

People have been utilizing this service for the following:
1. Get my views on general economics and markets.
2. Get my thoughts on what I think about value and future price of Crypto Currencies they hold & ICO’s.
3. Learn the Basics of Trading – Even though I encourage people to do it for free (Start with Learning Trading on this site).
4. Learn advanced Trading – My ideal target audience is in this zone. Someone with a few years of trading experience, some traditional trading experience, and decent amount of money to work with (over $100k liquid net worth, over $25k in a trading account). The most common request is of course the TD Sequential Indicator which is Trade Marked by Tom DeMark. Because of the TM, very few trading platforms are able to provide the code to amateur traders, but because the math is not complicated, many traders have been writing the code themselves for personal use. On TradingView, for example, you can do a search for “TD” or “Tom DeMark” in the indicators section and find several for free. I have chosen to not publish my code publicly as I believe it is superior to the others. I give it away to those that spend at least one hour of consulting with me, and I have a chance to explain to them how I have used it and how I’ve seen other professional traders use it. Though lately I have been just selling it for half the rate of a one hour call as I trust people to learn on their own:
NOTE: The code is written specifically for TradingView in Pine Script. You can sign up for a 30 day Free Trial with my Affiliate Link.

– Many people have been asking to just pay for the code without a consulting session, and I have been charging 0.05 btc and that comes with some additional resources and instructions on how to install it into TradingView. I also provide 2 hour-long videos of me explaining how this indicator is used to clients that paid that full one hour consulting and have given consent share that footage. I also add people to a Telegram group but it’s now over 100 people and has started to become a bit noisy. I will continue to do my best to keep it to the point of using the indicator even though I am not posting in there all too often.
– Those participating in a full 1hr consulting also get added to a private Skype Group of past clients. The group is growing quite large as well so not sure how effective it is for trade timing. I have been too busy to trade, but if I see something that I don’t announce publicly but feel like telling someone, I do it in that group. (This is not a follow the leader trade group for trade timing). [I have been a bit busy for consulting lately and have been advising people to take the 0.05 option for just the indicator]
– For those that have my indicator & have read the details of TD Sequential, you will notice one big difference between the two. I have removed the pre-requisite condition of a “price flip” in order to begin the ‘Setup’. This was done to stay a little different from TD and void legal liability & also from my trading experience with the indicator I feel it is a bit superior to original version.

Consulting in Person.
For those interested in coming to see me for a day of learning trading at one of my seminars, the price is 0.1 Bitcoin (See Schedule)
For those interested in visiting me for a full day of consulting, the price is 0.5 Bitcoin per/day. For me to visit you, probably 1 Bitcoin + Expenses

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