• WCN Bitcoin Group #139 – Antbleed, All Time High, Cloud Mining, South Korea $5M Hack

    April 28th from NYC: Another good show where we explore more problems that expose Bitmain insanity. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Antbleed: The latest news exposes how Bitmain had a feature that can tun off your miner remotely. This should strike a major blow to Bitmain and will probably begin it’s downfall.
    0:21:00 – Bitcoin & Ethereum Hit All Time High: I am calling for a Bubble in the Altcoin & ICO space. The Ethereum price is already getting out of control. Bitcoin should still be OK.
    0:39:00 – Bitcoin.com Adds Cloud Mining: This is crazy, most Cloud Mining companies are outright scams and the rest are soon to be Ponzi’s. This is insane. I am not very critical of Roger Ver because he is directly involved in too many parts of the Bitcoin Ecosystem:
    A – Media (Bitcoin.com)
    B – Mining (Bitmain & ViaBTC connections + Bitcoin.com Pool + now this Cloud Mining project
    C – Wallets (Big investor in Blockchain.info)
    D – Development (Bitcoin Unlimited take over attempt)
    E – Exchange (ViaBTC plans to launch an exchange)
    0:52:00 – South Korea Exchange Gets Hacked for 5M: Welcome to Bitcoin
    BONUS: I talk about the Tether situation and the Banking problems of Bitfinex via Taiwanese Banks.

  • On The Record #5 – PIVX (w/ Presstab – Dev)

    Recorded April 23rd, 2017: In this 5th episode of On The Record, I sit down with a developer of the alt-coin PIVX. It is basically a rip off of DASH which is another coin I am very critical of for being a scam. Basically it is clear that this guy is just programming for the money is not very familiar with the crypto space. Have a listen and judge for yourself:

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #138 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin – Bitfinex Troubles – Billionaire Invests

    April 21st from NYC: Another really good show where we are joined by Chris Ellis and Junseth. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin: With Onecoin making headlines for exposure of their scam and Payboin CEO pleas guilty, we discuss how this can be avoided. Please read this article, it’s great and then compare the OneCoin Blockchain to any other Blockchain project from Ethereum to R3. The PayCoin article is also very good.
    0:16:00 – Bitfinex Having Banking Issues: This was a problem with their Banks in Taiwan which has been making it difficult for Bitfinex to move around fiat. The price of Bitcoin has been much higher on Bitfinex and it has been stupidly dropped from CoinDesk Price Index.
    0:45:00 – Billionaire Claims He Invested 10% of His Money in Bitcoin & Ethereum: The guy was a Billionaire at the high of the Real Estate Bubble and was then fired from his hedge fund. We actually have no idea if he has that much money he has invested. He will also probably lose it all.
    0:99:00 – Japan & Indian Bitcoin Adoption… Again: This is a re-accruing issues, I do not see this as that big a deal.
    BONUS: I talk about the price…. Bullish

  • Crush The Street – Blocksize Debate w/ Trace Mayer & Dave Scotese

    Recorded April 19th, 2017: This was a round table discussion over the Blocksize debate covering Hard Forks, Core Devs & Censorship. here is the Topic List:
    02:15 Tones Vay’s Response to Roger’s Interview
    04:45 Trace Mayer Technology and Progress in Bitcoin
    08:55 Fifty Five Thousand Nodes in Bitcoin’s Network!
    14:55 Fighting The Bitcoin Network at your own Peril
    15:55 Dave Scotese Bitcoin More Resilient or Hitting a Roadblock
    21:05 Two Versions of Bitcoin?
    22:05 Are Bitcoin Unlimited Good Enough?
    28:45 How Successful would Segwit be on Litecoin?
    33:45 Roger Ver Censored?
    43:05 Panel’s Confidence in Bitcoin Overall…
    54:05 Final Thoughts

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #137 – Public Service Announcement – Wright Sale – Japan & Russia – NK Hackers

    April 14th from NYC: The first topic of the group is a must as we talk about ASICBoost. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin.com’s PSA & ASICBoost: This Public Service Announcement from Roger Ver was disgraceful. He is using Bitcoin.com to push his side of the debatable agenda against Core Devs. I get into a debate with Jimmy Song that SegWit is coming sooner than later.
    0:25:00 – Craig Wright is Back: He managed to sell his company and patents for $100 Million. To me this is a non-issue.
    0:34:00 – Japan & Russia Move to Legalize Bitcoin: None of this matters unless the Bitcoin is actually moving through the economy and not immediately sold. Russian Finance Minister seems to have a huge mis-understanding of what Bitcoin is.
    0:47:00 – North Korea Hackers Earn Bitcoin: I found this story interesting cause if a lot of Bitcoin ends up in NK and starts moving through their economy it might actually free that country.
    BONUS: My Price View is Bullish

  • Crush The Street Interview – We’re Not In A Bitcoin Bubble

    Published April 13th 2017: This was my first appearance on Crush the Street. Here is the TL;DR on the topics:
    01:10 Is Bitcoin’s future in danger?
    04:10 Are Alt Coins Better than Bitcoin?
    07:10 Bitcoin Bubble or Something More Stable
    09:10 If there is a bubble, its all of these Alt coins
    11:20 The Bitcoin Payment Network is a Huge Deal!
    15:10 Russia Recognizes Bitcoin?
    19:00 People Declaring Bitcoin Earnings
    23:50 The Future of Blockchain Beyond Money
    28:40 How Much can Bitcoin’s Market Go To?
    31:10 Mining Rewards Bitcoin Has to go Up in Price
    32:10 How to Learn More from Tone

  • On The Record #3 – Vaultoro (w/ CEO Joshua Scigala)

    On this 3rd Episode of On The Record (Recorded Apr 11th, 2017), I talk to Joshua Scigala, the CEO of Vaultoro. It is company that let’s you trade Bitcoin for Gold and will even deliver the Gold to your home home if you like. As usual some tough questions are asked so please have a listen and give your comments on YouTube.

  • MadBitcoins Live: #ASICBoost w/ Jimmy Song

    Recorded Apr 5th from NYC: On this Live addition of Mad Bitcoins, I join Thomas Hunt and Jimmy Song to discuss the revelation of ASICBoost. Just a few days before this aired, Gregory Maxwell discovered that Antminers have been using Covert form of mining bitcoins given them an advantage. You can read the publication here. This answers lots of questions as to why Chinese miners have been so hard bent against SegWit. As it turns out, SegWit would eliminate this mining advantage and Bitmain will fight this to the bitter end to maintain their mining advantage.

    For a little comedic relief on the situation please watch the following short parody video 🙂

  • SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Debates

    From Acapulco Mexico – Feb 2017: I have delayed putting these videos on the website because i kept trying to find the time and re-watch them so that I can fact check both side. I never did find the time and probably never will. Here is the TL;DR.

    Video 1: I debated Roger Ver on what is the best way to scale Bitcoin. I made a few honest mistakes but at no point did I miss-inform the public. From both the YouTube comments and especially Reddit, there were plenty of people that pointed out blatant lies by Roger. Please take a look. My position was that Bitcoin needs to scale in the safest possible way and a Hard Fork is too dangerous as it will create two bitcoins. It is not a risk i’m willing to take. In addition, I trust the smartest minds in the space and that is still Bitcoin Core.

    Video 2: In this second debate that took place the following day. Johnny D of Blockstream took on Roger in a much better debate. Johnny works at Blockstream and is much more tuned in to the technical workings of SegWit and Bitcoin Core Development. Please see Reddit discussion for additional details.