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  • WCN Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

    July 7th from NYC: On this episode we are joined by Kyle Torpey who has not joined in a while. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Fake Satoshi’s Speech: There was a crazy presentation by Craig Wright that is a must watch. He clearly want to centralize bitcoin so that a few people control the protocol and you need a $20,000 node to maintain the history of transactions. His presentation will go a long way in helping UASF and activating segwit sooner than later.
    0:16:30 – Erik Voorhees Thinks Bitcoin Can Be Replaced: I’m not sure if Erik is clueless when it comes to bitcoin scaling or pushing an agenda to help his business. I see a big problem with him agreeing to run SegWit2x code before he even knew who was going to program that code.
    0:39:00 – Alphabay Goes Down: For a about a day, the most popular dark net market site went down. Since they are back, I do not believe they will be exit scamming any time soon.
    0:55:00 – Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund: This is crazy, I understand that people cannot hold bitcoin themselves and need to have someone do it for them. However, he plans to buy nonsense like Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. There is obviously risk with having someone else hold your keys but actively trading bitcoin and especially actively trading or holding Alts will never outperform Bitcoin on the long term.
    1:17:00 – Wall Street strategist weighs in on bitcoin, sees it worth as much as $55,000: The article does not provide much detail as to where the value comes from and is also lacking details as to why Bitcoin will replace gold…. I explain why.

  • Crush The Street – Blocksize Debate w/ Trace Mayer & Dave Scotese

    Recorded April 19th, 2017: This was a round table discussion over the Blocksize debate covering Hard Forks, Core Devs & Censorship. here is the Topic List:
    02:15 Tones Vay’s Response to Roger’s Interview
    04:45 Trace Mayer Technology and Progress in Bitcoin
    08:55 Fifty Five Thousand Nodes in Bitcoin’s Network!
    14:55 Fighting The Bitcoin Network at your own Peril
    15:55 Dave Scotese Bitcoin More Resilient or Hitting a Roadblock
    21:05 Two Versions of Bitcoin?
    22:05 Are Bitcoin Unlimited Good Enough?
    28:45 How Successful would Segwit be on Litecoin?
    33:45 Roger Ver Censored?
    43:05 Panel’s Confidence in Bitcoin Overall…
    54:05 Final Thoughts

  • SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Debates

    From Acapulco Mexico – Feb 2017: I have delayed putting these videos on the website because i kept trying to find the time and re-watch them so that I can fact check both side. I never did find the time and probably never will. Here is the TL;DR.

    Video 1: I debated Roger Ver on what is the best way to scale Bitcoin. I made a few honest mistakes but at no point did I miss-inform the public. From both the YouTube comments and especially Reddit, there were plenty of people that pointed out blatant lies by Roger. Please take a look. My position was that Bitcoin needs to scale in the safest possible way and a Hard Fork is too dangerous as it will create two bitcoins. It is not a risk i’m willing to take. In addition, I trust the smartest minds in the space and that is still Bitcoin Core.

    Video 2: In this second debate that took place the following day. Johnny D of Blockstream took on Roger in a much better debate. Johnny works at Blockstream and is much more tuned in to the technical workings of SegWit and Bitcoin Core Development. Please see Reddit discussion for additional details.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #136 – ASICBoost – Japan accepts Bitcoin – BFX Coin – Distributed Rendering

    April 7th from NYC: This is a very important episode. It was the one right after ASICBoost revelations were uncovered by Greg Maxwell of Blockstream. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – ASICBoost – This is a serious problem. I fully believe Bitmain has been doing. The good news is that we now have clarity and this clarity should go a long way to people demanding SegWit gets passed sooner than later. Anyone still supporting Bitcoin Unlimited is just an Idiot. These people should admit Jihan Wu played them but instead they are doubling down on the stupid.
    0:33:50 – Japan Big Retailers Accept Bitcoin – I do not care for this development because the retailers immediately convert to Fiat. This is not helping the Bitcoin economy unless the Bitcoin is moving in a circular fashion. I also do not expect many people to actually come in and spend Bitcoin (why would you want to spend something that will go up in value if you have other currency to spend)
    0:46:00 – BFX Coins Get Paid Back – Bitfinex has paid off their debt tokens which they issued after the hack. Good for them, glad to see that there is a responsible management team at a Bitcoin exchange.
    0:57:00 – Distributed Rendering Paying in Bitcoin – I’m not sure exactly how this tech would work, so I basically ask a bunch of questions.
    1:09:00 – BONUS – I once again give a price prediction —-> HIGHER

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #135 – Bitcoin Price Recovery? – India – Japan – Democracy Panacea

    March 31st from NYC: Another great episode where I call the end of Bitcoin Unlimited threat. Here is the TL:DR
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin Price Recovery – After falling to $888 we’re back to 1075 within a week. I talk about why we have turned the corner and it should only be up from here. I had $915 as the perfect buy target so if anyone took that price they did well. I have raised the target to $1175 short term. I also talk about the crazy slide show Roger Ver put on for Adam Back and Charlie Lee
    0:14:00 – Bitcoin in India – I give a shout out to UnoCoin and also talk about how it will be hard for Governments to decide what is or isn’t a Ponzi.
    0:26:00 – Japan Passes Bitcoin Laws – Japanese will end up over-regulating Bitcoin because Mt. Gox happened on their watch. “Countries are now more interested in identifying the consumer than protecting the consumer, so whichever country starts protecting the consumer without identifying their consumer will win economically”
    0:35:00 – Blockchain for Voting – It may be possible that one day voting will take place on the Blockhain but we are probably over a decade away. For this particular case, it’s two people who know nothing but are here to fix all of Bitcoin’s problems. They have created an altcoin to vote for bitcoin’s changes… just Crazy!!!
    0:50:00 – BONUS – Multiple Stories of the Week
    1. Blythe Masters has moved her non-Blockchain company from Financial Services to Healthcare – Told You So #1
    2. Dan Larimer has left Steemit to the Community and will be moving on to his next SCAM – Told You So #2
    3. Retraction on my comments about the Blockchain Capital Token from a few weeks earlier – My BAD!!!

  • Bitcoin Uncensored Ep 62 – “All My Herpes and Dreams”

    I Co-Host an episode of Bitcoin Uncensored with Chris DeRose for the second time. This show is a little different so enjoy:

    Christoffer De Geer writing a kickass blockchain book. Coindesk and Forbes updates. I am not your lawyer scambusts..me!

    bitcoin etf fail. Price support… weirdly high.

    BU begining the fail. Updates on the Factom Scam.

    Ethereum is a full on pump. Vitalik looking Gaunt, and vlad… having doubts.

    Melon token scam – Fantastic! Check out their 3 million dollar four page ‘green paper’ github.com/melonproject/greenp…r/melonprotocol.pdf

    Farts on dating. Meltdem farts on Allison Jennings of filament.

    And liberty? Yeah, might be a scam. Sorry about that.

  • Adam Meister’s This Week in Bitcoin Recap (w/ Lorien Gamaroff & Renegade Invest)

    I join Adam’s show for his weekly wrap-up. Once again the main topic of conversation is scaling and SegWit along with the chances of a Hard Fork. I attribute the reason for Miners not wanting SegWit to enjoying the high fees, though we now know it was due to ASICBoost and their mining competitive advantage. By SegWit adding the scaling feature into it, it was too much of a compromise that will remove the ASICBoost advantage and that is the real reason. Considering ASICBoost was not yet known, I strongly recommend watching this show.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #134 – May Scaling Meeting – BATS Objects – Bitcoin Unity – China vs. Exchanges

    Mar 24th from Philly: Another on Location Episode with Scaling Dominating the show once again. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Another Meeting to Scale is Set for May: This is a very frustrating story because there is no compromise that can be reached. One is a Soft Fork and the Other is a Hard Fork. It will either be SegWit or nothing so all these meeting at this point are simply pointless. In addition none of the people involved are even relevant other than two Mining companies and Adam Back. Adam has already said he would not go and I agree with that decision. I tweeted out the following in regards to this meeting:  https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/844987681570476033
    0:18:00 – BATS Files Complaint Against SEC Rejection of COIN ETF: This is pointless
    0:23:00 – Mad Bitcoins Interviews on Scaling: I provide my views on this Hard Fork topic by referencing my article “Is a Bitcoin Hard Fork Still Avoidable?“. In it I try to speculate as to why the Chinese continue to be anti WegWit. I strongly recommend reading the article. In addition I point to how China has hardly any nodes so China’s control is overblown. I also speculate that Roger is being played by Bitmain’s Jihan Wu.
    0:58:00 – Chinese Exchanges Lose Value: This article did not make sense to me. I don’t understand how volume moving from Exchanges to Local Bitcoins relates to Exchanges in California? I also go off on the difference between Bitcoin Investors and Bitcoin Traders (or Crypto Traders)
    1:15:00 – BONUS: I remain Bullish on the price after the recent Pull back. $915 Remains strong support.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #131 – Satoshi Patents, Bitcoin All Time High on ETF, Bitcoin Unlimited and VC ICO

    March 3rd from Acapulco Mexico: This is the second episode from Mexico, I tried to do it by the pool to provide some nice scenery but the connection was just not good enough. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Craig Wright is Once Again in the News Looking to Patent Bitcoin: I think all the news over Craig Wright are over blown, I really hate this story. This guy is a faker and anyone who believe him is also a major problem for Bitcoin Ecosystem.
    0:13:30 – Price Rises Above Gold on ETF Hype: Once again I talk about the nonsense of COIN ETF Hype. This ETF is so DUMB. It will not be passed and it should NOT be passed. Because the pump happened too early it is being pumped again. I give it a 5% chance of getting approved. Selling should start 24-48 hours before the announcement.
    0:23:30 – Gavin Andresen supports Bitcoin Unlimited: I go OFF on a RANT against Bitcoin Unlimited Bullshit. Hard to summarize it… just listen.
    0:57:00 – VC Blockchain Capital Plans to Issue ICO Tokens: I was not ready to comment on this yet, please see next week’s episode.
    1:07:00 – Dash BONUS: Dash is a Scam, Please see my CryptoScam podcast:

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #127 – Gavin vs. The Core – No Privacy – Bitcoin $2000 – Litecoin SegWit

    February 3rd from NYC: For the second week in a row it is just Thomas and I. The new webcam is being utilized but I did not realize i’m not using the high end mic, hence the bad sound quality. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:00:30 – Gavin vs. Bitcoin Core:  I am very frustrated with Gavin, I no longer have much respect for him nor his programming skills. The most frustrating thing is that 6 months ago Big Blockers were complaining that Core is trying to take all the transaction OFF chain and the miners wont get payed and now they flipped it all around and blaming Core for making fees to high. Bitcoin Unlimited is a Cancer, if SegWit doesn’t pass I hope nothing will. On a more comic note, I’m glad the idiots running BU code lost 13+ BTC which one day might be worth millions of dollars. The Bitcoin Unlimited devs are even more incompetent than Ethereum Devs.
    0:09:30 – bitcoin Privacy Gets a Failing GradeThis is another frustrating story. Bitcoin is the best we have in terms of censorship resistance and fungibility but it’s not perfect. First we need SegWit, then we can start improving some of the other things.
    0:19:30 – Bitcoin to Rise to $2,000 on Trump/China: No one know the future economic outcomes of Trump/China decisions over the next few months. Speculating on the future between these countries economics is just dumb.
    0:28:30 – Litecoin Looking to Adopt SegWit: I hope SegWit gets adopted by Litecoin so we can see it work safely in a speculative environment. This should help Bitcoin people get their shit together and adopt SegWit. I do not see legitimacy in Bitcoin Unlimited as it’s an attempt to split bitcoin into two coins with a Hard Fork.
    BONUS: I spend the last few minutes of the video talking about the price…. I’m Bullish