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  • WCN Bitcoin Group #138 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin – Bitfinex Troubles – Billionaire Invests

    April 21st from NYC: Another really good show where we are joined by Chris Ellis and Junseth. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin: With Onecoin making headlines for exposure of their scam and Payboin CEO pleas guilty, we discuss how this can be avoided. Please read this article, it’s great and then compare the OneCoin Blockchain to any other Blockchain project from Ethereum to R3. The PayCoin article is also very good.
    0:16:00 – Bitfinex Having Banking Issues: This was a problem with their Banks in Taiwan which has been making it difficult for Bitfinex to move around fiat. The price of Bitcoin has been much higher on Bitfinex and it has been stupidly dropped from CoinDesk Price Index.
    0:45:00 – Billionaire Claims He Invested 10% of His Money in Bitcoin & Ethereum: The guy was a Billionaire at the high of the Real Estate Bubble and was then fired from his hedge fund. We actually have no idea if he has that much money he has invested. He will also probably lose it all.
    0:99:00 – Japan & Indian Bitcoin Adoption… Again: This is a re-accruing issues, I do not see this as that big a deal.
    BONUS: I talk about the price…. Bullish

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #136 – ASICBoost – Japan accepts Bitcoin – BFX Coin – Distributed Rendering

    April 7th from NYC: This is a very important episode. It was the one right after ASICBoost revelations were uncovered by Greg Maxwell of Blockstream. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – ASICBoost – This is a serious problem. I fully believe Bitmain has been doing. The good news is that we now have clarity and this clarity should go a long way to people demanding SegWit gets passed sooner than later. Anyone still supporting Bitcoin Unlimited is just an Idiot. These people should admit Jihan Wu played them but instead they are doubling down on the stupid.
    0:33:50 – Japan Big Retailers Accept Bitcoin – I do not care for this development because the retailers immediately convert to Fiat. This is not helping the Bitcoin economy unless the Bitcoin is moving in a circular fashion. I also do not expect many people to actually come in and spend Bitcoin (why would you want to spend something that will go up in value if you have other currency to spend)
    0:46:00 – BFX Coins Get Paid Back – Bitfinex has paid off their debt tokens which they issued after the hack. Good for them, glad to see that there is a responsible management team at a Bitcoin exchange.
    0:57:00 – Distributed Rendering Paying in Bitcoin – I’m not sure exactly how this tech would work, so I basically ask a bunch of questions.
    1:09:00 – BONUS – I once again give a price prediction —-> HIGHER