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  • WCN Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

    July 7th from NYC: On this episode we are joined by Kyle Torpey who has not joined in a while. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Fake Satoshi’s Speech: There was a crazy presentation by Craig Wright that is a must watch. He clearly want to centralize bitcoin so that a few people control the protocol and you need a $20,000 node to maintain the history of transactions. His presentation will go a long way in helping UASF and activating segwit sooner than later.
    0:16:30 – Erik Voorhees Thinks Bitcoin Can Be Replaced: I’m not sure if Erik is clueless when it comes to bitcoin scaling or pushing an agenda to help his business. I see a big problem with him agreeing to run SegWit2x code before he even knew who was going to program that code.
    0:39:00 – Alphabay Goes Down: For a about a day, the most popular dark net market site went down. Since they are back, I do not believe they will be exit scamming any time soon.
    0:55:00 – Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund: This is crazy, I understand that people cannot hold bitcoin themselves and need to have someone do it for them. However, he plans to buy nonsense like Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. There is obviously risk with having someone else hold your keys but actively trading bitcoin and especially actively trading or holding Alts will never outperform Bitcoin on the long term.
    1:17:00 – Wall Street strategist weighs in on bitcoin, sees it worth as much as $55,000: The article does not provide much detail as to where the value comes from and is also lacking details as to why Bitcoin will replace gold…. I explain why.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #137 – Public Service Announcement – Wright Sale – Japan & Russia – NK Hackers

    April 14th from NYC: The first topic of the group is a must as we talk about ASICBoost. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin.com’s PSA & ASICBoost: This Public Service Announcement from Roger Ver was disgraceful. He is using Bitcoin.com to push his side of the debatable agenda against Core Devs. I get into a debate with Jimmy Song that SegWit is coming sooner than later.
    0:25:00 – Craig Wright is Back: He managed to sell his company and patents for $100 Million. To me this is a non-issue.
    0:34:00 – Japan & Russia Move to Legalize Bitcoin: None of this matters unless the Bitcoin is actually moving through the economy and not immediately sold. Russian Finance Minister seems to have a huge mis-understanding of what Bitcoin is.
    0:47:00 – North Korea Hackers Earn Bitcoin: I found this story interesting cause if a lot of Bitcoin ends up in NK and starts moving through their economy it might actually free that country.
    BONUS: My Price View is Bullish

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #131 – Satoshi Patents, Bitcoin All Time High on ETF, Bitcoin Unlimited and VC ICO

    March 3rd from Acapulco Mexico: This is the second episode from Mexico, I tried to do it by the pool to provide some nice scenery but the connection was just not good enough. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Craig Wright is Once Again in the News Looking to Patent Bitcoin: I think all the news over Craig Wright are over blown, I really hate this story. This guy is a faker and anyone who believe him is also a major problem for Bitcoin Ecosystem.
    0:13:30 – Price Rises Above Gold on ETF Hype: Once again I talk about the nonsense of COIN ETF Hype. This ETF is so DUMB. It will not be passed and it should NOT be passed. Because the pump happened too early it is being pumped again. I give it a 5% chance of getting approved. Selling should start 24-48 hours before the announcement.
    0:23:30 – Gavin Andresen supports Bitcoin Unlimited: I go OFF on a RANT against Bitcoin Unlimited Bullshit. Hard to summarize it… just listen.
    0:57:00 – VC Blockchain Capital Plans to Issue ICO Tokens: I was not ready to comment on this yet, please see next week’s episode.
    1:07:00 – Dash BONUS: Dash is a Scam, Please see my CryptoScam podcast: