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  • Bitcoin Uncensored Ep 62 – “All My Herpes and Dreams”

    I Co-Host an episode of Bitcoin Uncensored with Chris DeRose for the second time. This show is a little different so enjoy:

    Christoffer De Geer writing a kickass blockchain book. Coindesk and Forbes updates. I am not your lawyer scambusts..me!

    bitcoin etf fail. Price support… weirdly high.

    BU begining the fail. Updates on the Factom Scam.

    Ethereum is a full on pump. Vitalik looking Gaunt, and vlad… having doubts.

    Melon token scam – Fantastic! Check out their 3 million dollar four page ‘green paper’ github.com/melonproject/greenp…r/melonprotocol.pdf

    Farts on dating. Meltdem farts on Allison Jennings of filament.

    And liberty? Yeah, might be a scam. Sorry about that.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #132 – Bitcoin ETF Denied, Fullnodes, Better than Gold, Bitcoin Unlimited

    Mar 10th from NYC: The WCN crew got together in California for this special episode. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin ETF Denied: Told You So!!!
    0:36:00 – User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) via Full Nodes: This is the new trend that should help us finally get SegWit into the system. Chris Ellis had lots of interesting things to say here. I think users will go a long way in determining how Bitcoin scales.
    1:04:00 – Antpool Starts Signaling Bitcoin Unlimited: I take the time to talk about how much I don’t like Bitmain and their mining pool Antpool. I called bullshit on this and when ASICBoost was exposed a few weeks later we figured out why.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #131 – Satoshi Patents, Bitcoin All Time High on ETF, Bitcoin Unlimited and VC ICO

    March 3rd from Acapulco Mexico: This is the second episode from Mexico, I tried to do it by the pool to provide some nice scenery but the connection was just not good enough. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Craig Wright is Once Again in the News Looking to Patent Bitcoin: I think all the news over Craig Wright are over blown, I really hate this story. This guy is a faker and anyone who believe him is also a major problem for Bitcoin Ecosystem.
    0:13:30 – Price Rises Above Gold on ETF Hype: Once again I talk about the nonsense of COIN ETF Hype. This ETF is so DUMB. It will not be passed and it should NOT be passed. Because the pump happened too early it is being pumped again. I give it a 5% chance of getting approved. Selling should start 24-48 hours before the announcement.
    0:23:30 – Gavin Andresen supports Bitcoin Unlimited: I go OFF on a RANT against Bitcoin Unlimited Bullshit. Hard to summarize it… just listen.
    0:57:00 – VC Blockchain Capital Plans to Issue ICO Tokens: I was not ready to comment on this yet, please see next week’s episode.
    1:07:00 – Dash BONUS: Dash is a Scam, Please see my CryptoScam podcast:

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #130 – Bitcoin All Time High – CloudBleed – Miners and Regulation

    Feb 24th from Acapulco Mexico: In this episode we talk about the EFT hype and other latest news. Always fun to do these On-Location. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin’s New All Time High on ETF Hype: I once again talk about why the Winklevoss COIN ETF will not be approved and it should not be approved. I also talk about the price hype will start to correct before the announcement day. The higher we go up the bigger the correction. So enjoy these short term gains while they last.
    0:11:00 – CloudBleed Security Leak: I once again talk about how you should not have any bitcoin dependent on your computer or your phone numbers. Make sure your bitcoin is only dependent on hardware in your hand. (NOTE: I get Dashed at the 18:30 mark)
    0:23:00 – Chinese Miners Move to the Same Province: This is not really that big of a story, people are making too much of a deal of Bitcoin mining. the best mines are anonymous.
    0:28:00 – Indian Bitcoin Companies Working with Regulators: India is in a better position to have the government make better laws for Bitcoin companies to thrive. It’s hard to speculate on India as I have not been there yet… time to plan a trip!!!
    0:37:00 – BONUS: I talk about Bitcoin Price…. Bullish!!!

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #129 – Money Laundering, Rising Prices, Bitcoin ETF and Quasicoins

    February 17th from NYC: Another great episode of The Bitcoin Group, had 4 guests this time and we stayed on topic pretty well. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Banks Looking to Lower Money Laundering Regulation: To me this is not a positive for Bitcoin. The more draconian the laws on money the more Bitcoin will thrive in routing value. I also reference an old article I wrote called “When Banks Become Law Enforcers
    0:10:30 – Rising Prices and Bitcoin in Asia: I question the numbers out of Japan being the highest volume these days. I also explain that people need to be careful having Chinese exchanges hold their Bitcoin because the Government can pass a law to confiscate the bitcoin of foreigners for Money Laundering reasons.
    0:25:00 – Bitcoin ETF (yes again!): Main Stream Media continues to talk about the Bitcoin ETF, while I continue to explain how stupid the Bitcoin ETF is. Let’s once again go through the reasons:
    1. We have never had an ETF where the underlying can be hacked and the ETF will create a bigger a bigger honey Pot taking Bitcoin out of circulation.
    2. It will open the door to Shitcoin ETF’s starting with ETH & ETC, then Litecoin, Dash & so on all the way to OneCoin
    3. People always ask questions “what happens if there is an ETF and then Bitcoin has a Hard Fork?” well…. NO ONE KNOWS so that is why ETF should not pass
    I then go into the potential motivation of Winklevii wanting this ETF. For all the bitcoin they hold i’m disappointed in the small amount of evangelism they have done for bitcoin other than trying to centralize it.
    0:49:50 – Bank of Uganda Treats Bitcoin & OneCoin as the Same Thing: From the view of the Government, I have to agree.
    BONUS: At the end I talk about the price, I’m bullish to all time highs.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #128 – China Again -NATO Estonia, Japan, Poland and the $25,000 Bitcoin Due To ETF

    February 10th from NYC: We are finally joined by others and I finally got my Audio/Video straight :). Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – China Looking to Add KYC/AML and Frozen Bitcoin Withdrawals: This is not surprising to me. I have said a while ago that the regulation in China will get out of hand they will be looking to freeze/confiscate bitcoin of foreigners. For now it has not got that far but if you are not Chinese and you should really think about having your bitcoin there. In fact you should not have anyone holding your private keys. Since there are no laws on insider trading, I’m not surprised
    0:14:00 – Estonian Company Creating a Blockchain for NATO: This story is kind of silly and BraveNewCoin did a very bad job investigating this. First of all Gaurdtime is claiming to be a Blockchain company since 2007. They apparently have also built a Blockchain for Health Care and this claim needs to be investigated. If they are claiming it’s immutable, how is it being accomplished? Is it PoW? What is most likely is that they know what they are doing and just using the Buzzword Blockchain cause that’s what everyone wants.
    0:25:00 – Japan Crates a BitLicense and Polish Exchange Scams Users: I’m not surprised Japan is putting in crazy regulation as it is that kind of society and they are also over reacting to Mt. Gox. As for some Polish exchange running away with bitcoin, sorry for your loss and welcome to Bitcoin!
    0:37:00 – Winklevoss ETF: I once again talk about the stupidity of the Winkevii ETF. I do not think it will be approved, and I do not think it should be approved and here is why:
    1. Who is going to hold the private keys? This is a major issue and will create a giant honey pot of coins at risk of internal or external hackers.
    2. This opens the door for infinite number of Bitcoin ETF, not to mention immediate filing of Scam/Shit Coin ETF’s like Ethereum and OneCoin
    3. This also creates a major attack vector for a Government to confiscate the bitcoin underling the ETF under its jurisdiction.
    The Wall Street Journal also pointed out an interesting conflict of interest point:

    “I don’t believe there’s any ETF that trades in the U.S. where a single entity is the sponsor of the ETF, the provider of reference price for the underlying asset and the custodians of underlying asset, and that is what the Winklevosses are proposing,” says Mr. Bogart

    BONUS: I spend the last few minutes of the video talking about the price…. I’m Bullish

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #125 – Trump Bitcoin, EthC ETF, Karpeles Interview and Miami Bitcoin Conference

    January 20th from Hunter Mountain NY: I know my connection was bad but it’s the best I had being on location in the middle of nowhere. Here is the TLDR
    0:00:02 – Is Trump Good for Bitcoin? I have been saying for a long time that both Trump or Hilary could be good for Bitcoin but for different reasons. Unlike Hilary, Trump is anti-tax so this would be very bad for bitcoin as it might not be a use case. However we still need to see his stand on the drug war and if he is anti drugs that would be good for bitcoin. He might also make remittance to Mexico harder which is a very good thing for Bitcoin. Exit question was the price of bitcoin in a week and i’m pretty confident it will be higher. (price at the time was $900)
    0:23:00 – ETC ETF by Barry Silbert: My position on ETC has not changed since day one, I expect the price of ETC to equal ETH in the future. As for Barry, i have been very critical of him and what he is doing with his statements on ETC and buying it ahead of time then pumping it with his comments. I am also critical of Barry about his current Bitcoin Trust product. I also think it’s silly to have a Bitcoin ETF so imagine a Shitcoin ETF. A Bitcoin ETF has two major problems and about a dozen small problems:
    A. Who is going to be responsible for the security of the Underlying asset (aka Bitcoin that can be stolen)
    B. Allowing a Bitcoin ETF is opening the door for a OneCoin ETF and everything in between.
    0:45:00 – Mark Karpeles: Not much of an opinion but I will try and get Karpeles on my new show CryptoScam
    1:05:00 – Miami Bitcoin Conf & Hackathon: Just general thoughts on the event from Chris DeRose and Myself. (I would love to see a conf in Cancun Mexico)
    BONUS: Coinbase is insane for their speaker quotas for the Consensus Conf.