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  • WCN Bitcoin Group #148 – Who Controls Bitcoin? – Vitalik is Not Dead – Mark Cuban Hypocrite?

    Posted on by Tone

    June 30th from NYC: The first topic here is a must. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – SegWit2x Beta Is Released: I strongly encourage everyone to watch the recent interview with Eric Lombrozo where he explains the situation perfectly. The miners were allowed the privilege of smoothly activation SegWit which Core Dev’s though was not controversial, but instead this has turned in a clown voting show. UASF will activate and any Miner that does not get on board will feel the financial loss of that poor choice. SegWit2x is nonsense as explained by Luke Dash Jr. and no responsible company should even consider running this garbage. Nothing good can come from running SegWit2x it is a way to disrespect the Core Developers and tell them that they are no longer needed. This can cause a long term confidence loss in the entire crypto space.
    0:38:00 – Vitalik of Ethereum is NOT Dead: This was a silly fake news article. There are several problems here however. One of them is that you should not have a leader that could be used for this kind of a hoax. Also Vitalik tweeting out a picture with the latest Block Hash is not a use case for a Blockchain which makes me question his knowledge of Blockchains. Blake and I also explain the concept of a Bus Test in traditional industries.
    0:51:00 – Mark Cuban Hypocrite: I take a some big shots at Mark Cuban. First he falsely believe that Bitcoin’s 2x rise this year is a bubble yet Ethereum’s 20x rise not since he is about to do a Scam ICO on it. I also trolled him on twitter of that. Mark is NOT an expert at what a Blockchain is and he really needs to start getting some better advice.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #147 – Segwit2X – ETH Flash Crash – Status & Civic – Coinbase & Cryptsy

    Posted on by Tone

    June 23rd from NYC: The SegWit2x code is on the verge of release and the discussions are serious. Theo was a little tipsy but being late night in Germany let’s give him a break. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – SegWit2x: With SegWit2x Beta about to come out, we already have over 80% of miners signaling for this mess. But we still have lots of issues, SegWit2x is totally untested and potentially dangerous. So you have to be crazy to run that code even if it’s for a short time to get SegWit and then switch back. The only way to get out of this mess to either immediately run BIP141 to lock in SegWit with 95% consensus, or get core devs to apply BIP91 with 80% consensus to get SegWit before Aug 1st. There is a possibility of running SegWit2x for a month and then switch back but do you really want to risk the future of the Bitcoin Network on this untested piece of junk. We will soon find out.
    0:16:00 – Ethereum Flash Crashed to 10 Cents After a $30M Market Sell Order: This was a crazy event and it continues to Show how amateurish the crypto exchanges are. The fault here is clearly with GDAX for screwing this up.
    0:54:30 – Latest ICO’s are Breaking the Ethereum Blockchain: This is just starting, Ethereum cannot technologically scale and i’m not surprised all these new projects are breaking Ethereum’s back. The Civic ICO is not different. I go on a minor rant about how bad Ethereum is.
    1:14:00 – Coinbase Appeals Decision in Cryptsy Case: I had to run and was not there for this story.

  • Mad Bitcoins – Bitcoin Price Drops from $3000 to $2500

    Recorded Jun 12th, 2017: This was a spur of the moment live stream in light of the Price Drop. We fell to $2,500 way too quickly and even though it can bounce here, a much stronger bounce would occur in the $2,150 range. I explain it all in the video so please check it out. I also go on an Ethereum Rant, but that’s nothing new. We also get into the Bancor ICO Scam.

  • Kings of Crypto Podcast #1 (w/ Ozzy)

    Recorded Jun 8th, 2017: This was my first appearance on Ozzy’s channel. It’s a pretty cool new podcast. He really tells it like it is. We went over some really cool questions, so have a listen. We cover the Scaling Topic, AsicBoost, Wallets, Ethereum is a Scam and Live Q&A

  • This Week in Bitcoin – Craziest BTC week ever? Is Bobby Lee Serious About Altcoins?

    From NYC on May 12th, 2017: This was my second or 3rd time on Adam Meister’s Channel. Here is the TL;DR
    Altcoins: We get into a discussion over the current Alt-Coin and ICO Bubbles:
    BTC China Adding Altcoins
    I explain why a Bitcoin composed of lots of little transaction will cost extra to send out.
    I do not see $10k bitcoin any time soon and if we get to $5k soon there will be a huge correction
    As usual, I close out with a Price Chart

  • CryptoScam #8 – Ethereum Launch (w/ Jason Seibert)

    Recorded May 2nd, 2017: In this 8th Episode of CryptoScam I am joined by Jason Siebert of the ImNOTYourLawyer Show. Ethereum is a very complicated project so it will take at least 3 episodes to cover it. In this 1st attempt we focus on the Ethereum token pre-sale which to anyone with any financial experience, is an obvious sale of an unlicensed unregistered security. Jason’s expertise helps fill in some of the details. We could have talked about these details all day but at some point we had to stop.

    The SoundCloud version is also Available:

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #139 – Antbleed, All Time High, Cloud Mining, South Korea $5M Hack

    April 28th from NYC: Another good show where we explore more problems that expose Bitmain insanity. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Antbleed: The latest news exposes how Bitmain had a feature that can tun off your miner remotely. This should strike a major blow to Bitmain and will probably begin it’s downfall.
    0:21:00 – Bitcoin & Ethereum Hit All Time High: I am calling for a Bubble in the Altcoin & ICO space. The Ethereum price is already getting out of control. Bitcoin should still be OK.
    0:39:00 – Bitcoin.com Adds Cloud Mining: This is crazy, most Cloud Mining companies are outright scams and the rest are soon to be Ponzi’s. This is insane. I am not very critical of Roger Ver because he is directly involved in too many parts of the Bitcoin Ecosystem:
    A – Media (Bitcoin.com)
    B – Mining (Bitmain & ViaBTC connections + Bitcoin.com Pool + now this Cloud Mining project
    C – Wallets (Big investor in Blockchain.info)
    D – Development (Bitcoin Unlimited take over attempt)
    E – Exchange (ViaBTC plans to launch an exchange)
    0:52:00 – South Korea Exchange Gets Hacked for 5M: Welcome to Bitcoin
    BONUS: I talk about the Tether situation and the Banking problems of Bitfinex via Taiwanese Banks.

  • Bitcoin Uncensored Ep 62 – “All My Herpes and Dreams”

    I Co-Host an episode of Bitcoin Uncensored with Chris DeRose for the second time. This show is a little different so enjoy:

    Christoffer De Geer writing a kickass blockchain book. Coindesk and Forbes updates. I am not your lawyer scambusts..me!

    bitcoin etf fail. Price support… weirdly high.

    BU begining the fail. Updates on the Factom Scam.

    Ethereum is a full on pump. Vitalik looking Gaunt, and vlad… having doubts.

    Melon token scam – Fantastic! Check out their 3 million dollar four page ‘green paper’ github.com/melonproject/greenp…r/melonprotocol.pdf

    Farts on dating. Meltdem farts on Allison Jennings of filament.

    And liberty? Yeah, might be a scam. Sorry about that.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #125 – Trump Bitcoin, EthC ETF, Karpeles Interview and Miami Bitcoin Conference

    January 20th from Hunter Mountain NY: I know my connection was bad but it’s the best I had being on location in the middle of nowhere. Here is the TLDR
    0:00:02 – Is Trump Good for Bitcoin? I have been saying for a long time that both Trump or Hilary could be good for Bitcoin but for different reasons. Unlike Hilary, Trump is anti-tax so this would be very bad for bitcoin as it might not be a use case. However we still need to see his stand on the drug war and if he is anti drugs that would be good for bitcoin. He might also make remittance to Mexico harder which is a very good thing for Bitcoin. Exit question was the price of bitcoin in a week and i’m pretty confident it will be higher. (price at the time was $900)
    0:23:00 – ETC ETF by Barry Silbert: My position on ETC has not changed since day one, I expect the price of ETC to equal ETH in the future. As for Barry, i have been very critical of him and what he is doing with his statements on ETC and buying it ahead of time then pumping it with his comments. I am also critical of Barry about his current Bitcoin Trust product. I also think it’s silly to have a Bitcoin ETF so imagine a Shitcoin ETF. A Bitcoin ETF has two major problems and about a dozen small problems:
    A. Who is going to be responsible for the security of the Underlying asset (aka Bitcoin that can be stolen)
    B. Allowing a Bitcoin ETF is opening the door for a OneCoin ETF and everything in between.
    0:45:00 – Mark Karpeles: Not much of an opinion but I will try and get Karpeles on my new show CryptoScam
    1:05:00 – Miami Bitcoin Conf & Hackathon: Just general thoughts on the event from Chris DeRose and Myself. (I would love to see a conf in Cancun Mexico)
    BONUS: Coinbase is insane for their speaker quotas for the Consensus Conf.