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  • Tone Vays (Bitcoin) vs. Aaron Koenig (Alt/ICO) Debate – Munich

    Published 9/19/17

    Bitcoin Meetup – Munich https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Munich..

    Tone Vays and Aaron Koenig in Munich — two legends of the space talk about their main fields of activity. We’ll learn about the Austrian School of Economics, which has seen a significant revival with the emergence of Bitcoin, and about certain intricacies of Bitcoin trading, its price history and the actual impact on the global economy it may already have. And while Tone and Aaron share very similar political views as big proponents of economic and social liberty, they have very different opinions on the sense or nonsense of various altcoins. So let’s seize this opportunity and dig a little bit deeper here in the second part of the evening. Both speakers are independently travelling through Europe for conferences and meetups, but nowhere else they’ll be confronted with each other like here in Munich.

    37:19 – 1:26  – Tone Vays starts his presentation and breaks down the history, politics and evolution of Bitcoin and his perspective on ICO’s and altcoins. Tone also goes into depth about Bitcoin Price Speculation and Economic Significance.

  • On The Record #3 – Vaultoro (w/ CEO Joshua Scigala)

    On this 3rd Episode of On The Record (Recorded Apr 11th, 2017), I talk to Joshua Scigala, the CEO of Vaultoro. It is company that let’s you trade Bitcoin for Gold and will even deliver the Gold to your home home if you like. As usual some tough questions are asked so please have a listen and give your comments on YouTube.

  • On The Record #1 – Anthem Gold (w/ Anthem Blanchard)

    Welcome to my brand new Podcast titled On The Record. It is will be an interview series where tough questions might finally be asked to those who are running business or tokens in the Crypto Space. In this first episode we talk to Anthem Blanchard of Anthem Gold and his new initiative AGLD Token. It will be an ICO on top of Ethereum where the token is backed by a gram of physical Gold. I am very skeptical of this project. Being friends with Anthem it was difficult to go hard but I wish he was not doing this because I think its dangerous from a regulatory perspective and a technical perspective (Ethereum is in itself a questionable insecure platform). Please watch the interview and decide for yourself…

  • CryptoScam #7 – Manipulation (ft. Andy Hoffman)

    In this 7th Episode of CryptoScam, I talk to Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin about Manipulation with the focus being Gold – his specialty. My overall position is that I do not believe in a Global Government Sponsored Conspiracy that has been depreciating Gold for 40+ years. I acknowledge the fact that any asset can be manipulated short term and Gold has been the victim of this manipulation by big banks as recent articles point out. In addition I take the view that the reason Gold even has a stable price is because of all the paper derivatives being traded. If you remove the ability to Naked Short (or Naked Long) which everyone does including myself with a futures contract, the discovery of the price of Gold will be none-existent and behave more like the price of Diamonds (where men are guilted into buying one because women have been convinced that they need a shiny rock). On a final note, I would say that a financial investment in Gold is one only for stability and the Stock Market has historically been a better long term investment (Unless you were lucky enough to go all in Gold 1998-2002)
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