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  • Mad Bitcoins – Bitcoin UASF Scenarios and Game Theory (w/ Jimmy Song)

    Recorded Jun 5th, 2017: I join the discussion a little late but it was still a good one. Please check out Thomas Hunt (aka Mad Bitcoins) talking to Jimmy Song about Game Theory Scenarios over the UASF BIP148. I join the chat around 45 min after the start.
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    What is a UASF? – MadBitcoins interviews Jimmy Song to find out!
    Bitcoin, UASF and Skin in the Game by Jimmy Song

  • Crush The Street – Blocksize Debate w/ Trace Mayer & Dave Scotese

    Recorded April 19th, 2017: This was a round table discussion over the Blocksize debate covering Hard Forks, Core Devs & Censorship. here is the Topic List:
    02:15 Tones Vay’s Response to Roger’s Interview
    04:45 Trace Mayer Technology and Progress in Bitcoin
    08:55 Fifty Five Thousand Nodes in Bitcoin’s Network!
    14:55 Fighting The Bitcoin Network at your own Peril
    15:55 Dave Scotese Bitcoin More Resilient or Hitting a Roadblock
    21:05 Two Versions of Bitcoin?
    22:05 Are Bitcoin Unlimited Good Enough?
    28:45 How Successful would Segwit be on Litecoin?
    33:45 Roger Ver Censored?
    43:05 Panel’s Confidence in Bitcoin Overall…
    54:05 Final Thoughts

  • SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Debates

    From Acapulco Mexico – Feb 2017: I have delayed putting these videos on the website because i kept trying to find the time and re-watch them so that I can fact check both side. I never did find the time and probably never will. Here is the TL;DR.

    Video 1: I debated Roger Ver on what is the best way to scale Bitcoin. I made a few honest mistakes but at no point did I miss-inform the public. From both the YouTube comments and especially Reddit, there were plenty of people that pointed out blatant lies by Roger. Please take a look. My position was that Bitcoin needs to scale in the safest possible way and a Hard Fork is too dangerous as it will create two bitcoins. It is not a risk i’m willing to take. In addition, I trust the smartest minds in the space and that is still Bitcoin Core.

    Video 2: In this second debate that took place the following day. Johnny D of Blockstream took on Roger in a much better debate. Johnny works at Blockstream and is much more tuned in to the technical workings of SegWit and Bitcoin Core Development. Please see Reddit discussion for additional details.

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #134 – May Scaling Meeting – BATS Objects – Bitcoin Unity – China vs. Exchanges

    Mar 24th from Philly: Another on Location Episode with Scaling Dominating the show once again. Here is the TL;DR
    0:01:00 – Another Meeting to Scale is Set for May: This is a very frustrating story because there is no compromise that can be reached. One is a Soft Fork and the Other is a Hard Fork. It will either be SegWit or nothing so all these meeting at this point are simply pointless. In addition none of the people involved are even relevant other than two Mining companies and Adam Back. Adam has already said he would not go and I agree with that decision. I tweeted out the following in regards to this meeting:  https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/844987681570476033
    0:18:00 – BATS Files Complaint Against SEC Rejection of COIN ETF: This is pointless
    0:23:00 – Mad Bitcoins Interviews on Scaling: I provide my views on this Hard Fork topic by referencing my article “Is a Bitcoin Hard Fork Still Avoidable?“. In it I try to speculate as to why the Chinese continue to be anti WegWit. I strongly recommend reading the article. In addition I point to how China has hardly any nodes so China’s control is overblown. I also speculate that Roger is being played by Bitmain’s Jihan Wu.
    0:58:00 – Chinese Exchanges Lose Value: This article did not make sense to me. I don’t understand how volume moving from Exchanges to Local Bitcoins relates to Exchanges in California? I also go off on the difference between Bitcoin Investors and Bitcoin Traders (or Crypto Traders)
    1:15:00 – BONUS: I remain Bullish on the price after the recent Pull back. $915 Remains strong support.