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  • WCN Bitcoin Group #135 – Bitcoin Price Recovery? – India – Japan – Democracy Panacea

    March 31st from NYC: Another great episode where I call the end of Bitcoin Unlimited threat. Here is the TL:DR
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin Price Recovery – After falling to $888 we’re back to 1075 within a week. I talk about why we have turned the corner and it should only be up from here. I had $915 as the perfect buy target so if anyone took that price they did well. I have raised the target to $1175 short term. I also talk about the crazy slide show Roger Ver put on for Adam Back and Charlie Lee
    0:14:00 – Bitcoin in India – I give a shout out to UnoCoin and also talk about how it will be hard for Governments to decide what is or isn’t a Ponzi.
    0:26:00 – Japan Passes Bitcoin Laws – Japanese will end up over-regulating Bitcoin because Mt. Gox happened on their watch. “Countries are now more interested in identifying the consumer than protecting the consumer, so whichever country starts protecting the consumer without identifying their consumer will win economically”
    0:35:00 – Blockchain for Voting – It may be possible that one day voting will take place on the Blockhain but we are probably over a decade away. For this particular case, it’s two people who know nothing but are here to fix all of Bitcoin’s problems. They have created an altcoin to vote for bitcoin’s changes… just Crazy!!!
    0:50:00 – BONUS – Multiple Stories of the Week
    1. Blythe Masters has moved her non-Blockchain company from Financial Services to Healthcare – Told You So #1
    2. Dan Larimer has left Steemit to the Community and will be moving on to his next SCAM – Told You So #2
    3. Retraction on my comments about the Blockchain Capital Token from a few weeks earlier – My BAD!!!

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #130 – Bitcoin All Time High – CloudBleed – Miners and Regulation

    Feb 24th from Acapulco Mexico: In this episode we talk about the EFT hype and other latest news. Always fun to do these On-Location. Here is the TL;DR:
    0:01:00 – Bitcoin’s New All Time High on ETF Hype: I once again talk about why the Winklevoss COIN ETF will not be approved and it should not be approved. I also talk about the price hype will start to correct before the announcement day. The higher we go up the bigger the correction. So enjoy these short term gains while they last.
    0:11:00 – CloudBleed Security Leak: I once again talk about how you should not have any bitcoin dependent on your computer or your phone numbers. Make sure your bitcoin is only dependent on hardware in your hand. (NOTE: I get Dashed at the 18:30 mark)
    0:23:00 – Chinese Miners Move to the Same Province: This is not really that big of a story, people are making too much of a deal of Bitcoin mining. the best mines are anonymous.
    0:28:00 – Indian Bitcoin Companies Working with Regulators: India is in a better position to have the government make better laws for Bitcoin companies to thrive. It’s hard to speculate on India as I have not been there yet… time to plan a trip!!!
    0:37:00 – BONUS: I talk about Bitcoin Price…. Bullish!!!

  • WCN Bitcoin Group #124 – China uses Leverage – GBMiners Ponzi? – India Booms – Backpage

    January 13th from Miami: This was an on location appearance as I was the Keynote speaker for the opening night of the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon (which was great by the way). Here is the TLDR:
    0:00:02 – Regulators Investigating Chinese Exchanges: This is a serious situation which caused the price of Bitcoin to drop over $100 in just over 24 hours. It also looks like we are already seeing reduced leverage coming out of these exchanges but there is no word on results of the inquiry. I also accuse BTCC of fake volume and make a case that this space needs more regulation without the KYC of the consumer.
    0:38:50 – GBMiners Ponzi?: This topic was specific to Cloud Mining Scams out of India but I take the position that all Cloud Mining operations are shady and will turn into scams sooner or later. Yes this includes Genesis Mining and BitClub which for now seem to be some of the ‘more’ honest operation in the space. Also talk about how convoluted Bitcoin inspired scams have been getting and the job of scam busting becomes harder and harder. Bernie Madoff history also came up in the context of those scam busting rich and powerful people are putting their life in danger.
    1:14:00 – Price of Bitcoin in India: It is all supply and demand, but in India most people are poor so no one is probably buying a full bitcoin. I still think it’s the headlines that cash is being eliminated which is stimulating interest in richer regions like EU & US which is doing all the speculation. I also reference a great study on the elimination of cash from Harvard Business Review.
    1:33:00 – Backpage Shuts Down Escort Section: So it did not take long to figure out where all those ads went. They have migrated to the Dating section so just check out “Women > Men” to find the same ads you were used to (or Men > Men, we don’t discriminate here). Also talk about how stupid it is to run this company publicly nor fly through US territories. In addition companies like Paxful or Xotika should be getting ready to fill the void in case Backpage does go down for good.
    1:50:00 – BONUS: I predict the future of Bitcoin perfectly. I explain why Bitcoin will go up $75 in the very near future because of a Cup&Handle Pattern and it did just that within 4 days without any downside.