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The cost is 0.1 Bitcoin (Length of class is 4-7 hrs) 
Toronto, Canada – Dec 9th – Time: TBD – Address: TBD – Seats Left / Capacity: 9/20
Singapore – Mid January – Time: TBD – Address: TBD – Capacity: TBD
Mexico – Mid February – Time: TBD – Address: TBD – Capacity: TBD
South Africa – Early March – Time: TBD – Address: TBD – Capacity: TBD

In today’s market, hope, luck and long-term valuation models are not an effective strategy for active traders. If you are not a believer in buy and hold, you need to master the skills of other professional traders so that you can compete in this high stakes game. This course will be very practical in teaching you these techniques with continuous reference to real & recent examples that demonstrate the advantages of Technical Analysis. The examples will range across all market types from Bitcoin, Stocks, Indices, Commodities (ex: Gold, Oil) and FX.

This one day course will look to strengthen trading skills for both new and seasoned traders. It will start with the very basic and finish with advanced things even experienced traders might not be familiar with. For those that want to extra ready for the class please spend the maximum amount of time reading the Learn Trading section on this website.

+ Intro to trading (Understanding the Risks, Why be a Trader)
+ Candlesticks
+ Candlestick Patterns
+ Moving Averages & Trendlines
+ Momentum Indicators & Divergence
+ Advanced & Proprietary Indicators (Ex: TD Indicator)
+ Gaps & Volume (Time Permitting)
+ Practical Applications (Look at Live Charts)

*This course utilizes the Trading View Application, attendees are encouraged to become familiar with it beforehand and set up a free 30-day trial a week or two before the seminar in order to utilize some of the more advanced features during the seminar. Click here to sign up via Affiliate Link on a Black Friday Deal:

Please Connect on Telegram to be provided a Bitcoin Payment address & be added into a group with other attendees for announcements update and preparation material, I can be reached on Telegram as @ToneVays. (It is a a great communication app with a web interface, go to after you’ve installed it on your phone). I can also be reached by Email at

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